In light of the current direction of national, state, and local officials relative to public gathering, it is the Logan County Fiscal Court’s intention to conduct the Tuesday. March 24th fiscal court meeting via video conferencing.

"County and municipal governments across the state have been grappling with this issue since the declaration of a state of emergency by the governor on March 6th, in response to the COVID-19 outbreak in the state," said Logan County Attorney Joe Ross. "In response to these requests, Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron set forth a Kentucky Office of Attorney General Opinion, granting local governments authority to conduct public meetings remotely."

KRS 61.840 mandates that a public agency “must provide meeting room conditions” for public viewing of a public meeting “insofar as is feasible.”

The Attorney General’s Opinion stated that in “virtually all other circumstances, it should always be feasible to provide a physical location for public” viewing “but these are not normal circumstances.” Relying upon the Declaration of a State and National Emergency, the Attorney General stated that, in his opinion, “it is not currently ‘feasible’ for public agencies to be required to ‘provide public meeting room conditions’” for the public to attend in person for the purpose of watching a meeting streamed online.

"Therefore, in a continuing attempt to heed the advice of medical and government officials at all levels, it is the intent of Logan County government to conduct next Tuesday’s meeting via a web live stream," said Ross. "This is a relatively recent decision so some of the details are still being worked out."

Ross, Judge-Executive Logan Chick, and First District Magistrate Tyler Davenport will be setting up a web location to view next week's meeting and will provide that information as soon as possible.

"Luckily we have done this once before last November when we conducted a meeting in this same manner so that magistrate Thomas Bouldin could attend while out of town on business," Ross added.

A formal public advertisement is required in order to comply with the statute. Only members of Logan County government and those with business on the agenda will be permitted to physically enter the meeting. Please stay tuned to our local media outlets for more information.