On Monday, March 30th, Com-Care EMS sent two life support ambulances and crew to assist the New York City Fire Department EMS.

Com-Care contracts with the Logan County Fiscal Court to manage its ambulance service. Com-Care, out of Ohio County, also manages four other services.

“I want to assure our communities that this limited response in no way hampers our ability to provide a high level of care to our counties,” said Jim Duke, President of Com-Care. “We are only sending four employees out of a total of five counties, and when these staff members leave New York, we are having them undergo a two-week quarantine before returning to work.”

EMS services across the state continue to struggle to obtain necessary Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure staff remain safe during the course of their jobs. Com-Care is being diligent in stocking the PPE it needs. The two areas Com-Care finds its stations in the shortest supply of, however, are isolation gowns and face shields. If anyone in the community wants to help in any area, it would be in the donation of these needed supplies.

“We strongly support our Governor's stance on maintaining social distancing,” said Duke. “Please listen to the guidance we receive daily in regard to these practices. Everyone should stay at home, if you must travel to the store or other necessary places, be very careful and avoid close contact with others.