Due to current and predicted weather conditions and the extreme danger of forest fires in Logan County, Judge-Executive Logan Chick issued an executive order effective Sept. 17, 2019, that all outdoor burning in Logan County is prohibited per KRS 149.401.

Even with the recent rainfall, said the judge, it is not enough to rescind the burn ban at this time.

"It is going to take a substantial rain to call off the ban," said Chick adding maybe two to three inches within a weeks time.

Chick urges all Logan County citizens to comply with this executive order to preserve Logan County's timber values. But more importantly, to preserve the most valuable resource Logan County has, the lives and well being of its priceless citizenry.

Logan County is among 50 plus counties in Kentucky to have issued burn band recently. Te past one issued by Judge Chick was in 2016.

According to the Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet, burn bans generally prohibit the following:

Burning of forest, grass, crops, woodlands, marshes or other similar areas.

Burning leaves or debris.

Campfires, bonfires and warming fires.

Open-pit cooking and charcoal grilling

Use of fireworks and welding may also be prohibited or regulated.