The murder trial of George Walker, who is accused of killing his sister-in-law Alison Walker, began Monday, Jan. 22, but isn’t expected to wrap up until next week.

It took the entire first day of the trial to select the jury. Once that was out the way, the attornies made their opening statements on Tuesday morning.

Acting Commonwealth Attorney Justin Crocker said that the evidence would show that George Walker was responsible because he confessed to police that he committed the crime and also took them directly to the spot in the Red River where he allegedly disposed of her body.

Defense attorney Nathan Beard, however, made the argument that George Walker confessed just to keep his brother, Chris Walker, out of trouble. Chris Walker was married to Allison Walker and George Walker lived with them at a residence in south Logan County off Conn Road in the Schochoh area. Beard also pointed out in his opening statement that Chris Walker may have had a physically abusive relationship with Allison.

He also said that Chris Walker had lied about the circumstances surrounding his wife’s death.

“Chris told different stories to police and Allison’s family,” Beard said. “The only reason George is here is because he lied to protect his brother. You’ll also see that Chris lied to protect himself.”

On Tuesday, the jury also heard from Logan County Sheriff’s Department deputies Parker Rowland and Kyler Harvey, who both responded to the Walker residence when Allison Walker was initially being sought as a missing person.

Harvey testified about George Walker’s confession, saying that he admitted to having sex with Allison Walker and then later killing her by strangling her in the kitchen of the home. Harvey said that George Walker told him no one else was involved in the killing, but did not give any reason as to why he killed her other than stating that it was because of “the wrong belief.”

George Walker also said that Chris Walker would not have killed Allison because he loved her.

The jury then got to watch and listen to the body camera video taken by Harvey that captured the confession.

Jay Walker, a neighbor who is not related to Chris and George Walker, also testified. He came to the scene to assist the police in locating Allison Walker and was present when George Walker confessed.

State medical examiner Amy Burrows-Beckham testified that Allison Walker died from asphyxiation from strangulation, but also noted that drowning could not be completely ruled out because it was possible Allison Walker was still alive when her body was dumped in the Red River.

On Wednesday, jurors got to hear from Logan County Sheriff’s Department detective Kevin Bibb, who was the lead investigator on the case.

He testified about interviewing Chris Walker prior to George Walker’s confession and said that Chris Walker was cooperative in the investigation. However, upon cross-examination by Beard, Bibb did say that Chris Walker initially did not divulge that he and Allison Walker had gotten into an argument the night before she was killed.

The trial is scheduled to resume on Friday morning and the jury is expected to take a trip to the house where Allison Walker was killed and see the spot in the river where her body was found.