For Casey Stranger and his wife Amanda, opening up a business in their community that provides a space for the youth was somewhat of a dream come true. The couple, who both grew up in Logan County, knew there was something missing and they wanted to give back by following a hunch that has turned out to be right on the mark.

Sweet and Salty just recently opened in the shopping center across from Russellville High School. This was no coincidence, as the husband and wife team wanted to be located nearest to kids who could be in walking distance of their shop.

“I really wanted the young people to have access to us,” said Casey. “There really isn’t a lot of places for them to hang out around town and that is the main focus for opening here in this location.”

Casey works full-time for Logan Aluminum and admits he doesn’t live off of the new business which is why he can keep his prices low.

“You can’t open somewhere for kids and have high pricing,” he said.

Most who work for him are teenagers, with the exception of his mother, Sandra who manages Sweet and Salty.

“She has been so wonderful and has supported this endeavor from the beginning,” said Casey of his mother. It is really a family affair as his daughter Drew and son Aaron both work there.

The sweet and salty in the name is a sneak peek into what is served at the new business. From soft serve to Blue Bell scooped ice cream, you can get it by the cone or in a cup with over 20 toppings to choose from. Soft pretzels and waffles with bacon are also on the menu, as are fresh baked brownies and cookies among others. Smoothies, shakes, and sundaes are also offered.

“We wanted to offer a variety of products in a variety of ways,” said Casey.

For right now the hours for Sweet and Salty aren’t set in stone. Casey says he is waiting to see when the most popular time customers come in to gauge what they will eventually be.