With the recent termination of three deputies at the Logan County Sheriff's Department, sheriff Wallace Whittaker is taking steps to build his staff back up to where it needs to be to protect the community.

"Although it was unfortunate having to let go of three of my employees, it is necessary to begin the process of filling the empty positions as soon as possible," said the sheriff. "It is my utmost goal and responsibility to assure the safety of the citizens of Logan County and make sure we have adequate staff to do so."

Whittaker terminated the deputies after they filed to run for sheriff in the 2018 election. The sheriff cited case law and policy for their dismissal.

According to Whittaker, he offered both Robbie Matthews and Stephen Stratton different duties to stay on while running for the office. The sheriff said keeping them in the office under the circumstances could create a hostile work environment, and that his decision, although difficult, has been done in many offices throughout Kentucky and the country.

Matthews accepted the move

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to the Justice Center, however, Stratton declined being moved. The third deputy, Charles Dauley was not given a choice, but is still honoring all cases he is involved in and appearing on his own time.

"I have serious cases I've been involved in before being let go and I've worked hard on these cases and I care about them. I can't just walk away from them," said Dauley.

Whittaker said they are holding testing Saturday for close to 20 possible applicants who wish to work for the sheriff's department and the community," said Whittaker. "We are hoping to fill the vacant positions as soon as we complete the proper procedures."