The parents of a 12-year-old who ran away in Logan County on Tuesday have been arrested and charged with criminal abuse, unlawful imprisonment, and wanton endangerment.

Marvin and Laura Reynolds of Ben Fugate Road in the Schochoh community were arrested and booked into the Logan County Detention Center after an investigation lead by the Logan County Sheriff's Department and Logan County Department of Community Based Services (DCBS) found evidence that the couple's adopted son had been abused.

The investigation followed after the juvenile ran away from home Tuesday, April 14, and was subsequently found after a search by emergency personnel.

According to the arrest warrant, the Reynolds did not report their son was missing until three and a half hours after he was gone from the home.

Deputies Shaun Embry and Ed Higgins received information from Captain Clint Wright, all of the sheriff's department, stating the juvenile was being abused, was not living in healthy living conditions, and stayed locked up in his bedroom with his bedroom window being nailed shut with pieces of 2x4 wood.

According to the police report, Embry and Higgins met with the parents and were given permission to enter the home. The report states that the house appeared to be nice and clean - until the officers were shown the juvenile's bedroom.

Once inside the bedroom, the police report stated that the officers saw there was no carpet on the floor, the window was secured with wood as reported, the room had a strong odor of urine and feces, and the wood floor was heavily stained.

According to the report, Laura Reynolds stated to the deputy that her son attempts to sneak out his window, so they secured it. She further stated they did have a piece of plywood across the window, however, their son ripped it off and destroyed his room.

The carpet was taken out by the parents because the juvenile had used the bathroom on the carpet and ruined it, according to the parents in the arrest warrant. Only a single twin mattress was inside the room with no box spring or bed.

In the report, Embry asked if the juvenile was locked in his room and had access to a restroom. Laura Reynolds stated her son was the only one who could lock his bedroom door and there were no other locks on the door.

Embry reported that he received numerous eyewitness complaints from family members who revealed the juvenile has been "treated like an animal," since the Reynolds adopted him when he was five years old.

The juvenile's brothers, who also live in the same home, confirmed witness statements telling the deputy that their bother is locked inside his bedroom for the majority of the day, a five-gallon bucket is placed in his bedroom for him to use the restroom, and he is typically only fed once a day, according to the arrest warrant.

The police report states that Embry had enough evidence to prove the juvenile has unlawfully been malnourished, neglected, and unlawfully imprisoned in his bedroom by his adopted parents. The juvenile has also revealed this evidence to his assigned therapist at Lifeskills and confirmed numerous statements given by family members.

Marvin and Laura Reynolds were each given a cash bond of $10,000 and were released Thursday after posting bond.