One of the most popular services magistrates provide in their districts, one which brings both accolades as well as complaints, involves roadwork.

Each magistrate receives a budgeted amount annually based on road mileage to be spent on roads in their districts. Other funding available comes through the Rural Secondary program facilitated by the state. A magistrate can choose to spend their slice of the pie immediately or bank it for a larger project that may come down the path. Either way, it is up to them where that money will be spent.

At each fiscal court meeting, Judge-Executive Logan Chick holds up a stack of paper telling where work has been done on the county roads since the last meeting. He says a lot of the counties wished they had that report showing the work that has been done.

For fiscal year 2020-2021, 1.7 million dollars was budgeted for road repairs in Logan County. According to Chick, this number is made up of a large carryover from the previous fiscal year as well as a new allotment of money from a fuel usage tax and then some money transferred from other revenues.

The Rural Secondary program (FLEX) approved $206,209 for 2020-2021 which is also divided by a mileage percentage and is spent then reimbursed.

“I think we do a good job of keeping the road in Logan County maintained,” said Judge Chick. “Of course if you question the public the most important road in the county is in front of your house. I think magistrates try and address issues as quickly as they can and do a pretty good job.”

The following list of roads is scheduled to have some type of paving in the next week or two. Scotty’s Contracting was awarded the bid for work.

Homer, Matlock, Stevenson Mill, Mortimer, DAV, Summers, Reeves, Mast, John Paul, W.H. Brown, Kim’s Ct, Charlie Mac, and JR Williams.

“It is important to keep your roads maintained,” said magistrate Barry Joe Wright. “I try to keep up with what needs to be done.”

According to Logan County Road Supervisor Paul Lyne, various patching is also scheduled soon for several roads in the county.

If you have a question about a road where you live, contact the magistrate in your district. Tyler Davenport serves District One, Jack Crossley serves District Two, Barry Wright serves District Three, Jason Harper serves District Four, Robert Chyle serves District Five, and Thomas Bouldin serves District Six.