Tuesday, Jan. 14, members of the Logan County Fiscal Court will be addressed by members of the Logan County Militia, a group that began in September 2019 whose mission is to preserve the Second Amendment of the Constitution which states: "A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed."

Twenty-one-year-old Connor McColpin of Dot is one of the founders of the Logan County Militia and even though he understands that some may see the word militia and think it must be a crazy radical group, that is not what he himself intends to display.

The group will be presenting a petition to the court with over 600 signatures asking the body to adopt a resolution that would declare Logan County a Constitutional State. Numerous other counties in the state of Kentucky have either passed such measures already with others considering it.

According to the petition, "the resolution is just the first step in protecting the rights of Logan County citizens."

The resolution which appears on the petition cites several Supreme Court cases affirming the right of an individual to "keep and bear arms." It is also requesting that the Logan County Judge-Executive and magistrates express deep commitment to the rights of all citizens of Logan County to keep and bear arms, to express opposition to any law that would unconstitutionally restrict the rights of the citizens of Logan County to keep and bear arms and express an intent to stand as a "Constitutional County" for Second Amendment rights and to oppose, within the limits of the Constitution of the United States and the Commonwealth of Kentucky, any efforts to unconstitutionally restrict such rights, and to use such legal means at its disposal to protect the rights of the citizens of Logan County to keep and bear arms, including through legal action, the power to appropriate public funds, the right to petition for redress of grievances, and the power to direct the law enforcement and employees of Logan County to not enforce any unconstitutional law.

According to McColpin, Gregory Head is also involved with the starting up of the local militia.

"We don't want to be in charge of this once we actually get it started," said McColpin "We want someone with military experience to help lead. We will vote on a list of names to choose that person and we want the court's opinion. We talked to sheriff Stratton about this, who is on board with us."

The group has already met once and will be having another meeting at the Republican headquarters Saturday, Jan. 11 at 9 a.m. for anyone who is interested.

McColpin said that what is happening in the state of Virginia concerning a similar fight is not what he wants to happen in Kentucky. According to McColpin, 102 countries in the state Virginia have passed the Second Amendment Sanctuary Status but to him that movement is different.

"What is starting in Virginia right now I do not want to happen here which is why we are preparing like we are," Mccolpin said. "In the state of Kentucky right now we are not looking at the same situation they are. There, it's almost like saying when you come to enforce it, it's war. That's basically what they are trying to tell the Virginia legislature. We are trying to tell the Kentucky legislator we don't want that. We are trying to prevent this altogether. Their (counties in Virginia) resolution is pretty much to prepare them to fight the Virginia government. Our resolution is to prevent all of that from happening. We don't want that conversation to be brought here at all. We want a peaceful solution."

The local militia founders, according to a statement made by both McColpin and Head, "our purpose is to unify the citizens of Logan County for a peaceful and unified demonstration of our rights and our willingness to defend those rights if (God forbid) we ever have the need. Now is not the time for 'Rambo' or 'para-military' behavior. Just don't. We are not doing this for ourselves. We are doing this as a reminder for those alive today and for the security of our future family members. We desire to be remembered as citizens who stood up and took action when tyrannical attempts to destroy our rights occurred. Doing so, we preserved them. Please remember that we all come from various backgrounds and various experiences and those variations can easily divide us if we do not consider the objective (unified sanctuary county) and discipline our passionate emotions to present ourselves with professionalism and decorum."