Reba Kirk was sentenced to 20 years last week for her part in the 2016 shooting death of Lexus Bell.

Kirk, 32, had the sentence handed down last Thursday by Logan Circuit Judge Tyler Gill. She had pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit murder and complicity to first-degree robbery as her part in the murder in April. Her 20 year sentence can be reduced, however, if information she gives authorities leads to the successful conviction of others in the case.

Bell's stepfather, Kevin Morrow, read a written statement from the family at the sentencing.

"The only thing I keep hearing was nobody was supposed to get hurt, but somebody did," Morrow said. "What did you think was going to happen with guns involved? A lot of people got hurt and a lot of people's lives got shattered ... a person like you doesn't need to be on the streets."

Two other defendants in the trial, Demetrius Roberson and Tayveon Bibb, were in court Friday for a hearing in their cases. Roberson is facing the death penalty since he is accused of the act of killing Bell. His attorney, Michael Bufkin, told Judge Gill that he would do his best to be ready for the murder trial in March of next year, but couldn't promise he would not ask for a continuance if more time was needed to prepare Roberson's defense.

"I think we should put him on a level playing field the same as a person who has the means to hire a private attorney," said Bufkin, who is a special public defender for the state specializing in death penalty cases.

The trial for Roberson and Bibb is set for March 9, 2019.

Bibb is charged with murder and first-degree robbery.

Another suspect, Deon Lamar Young, was previously indicted, but has not yet been arraigned. Acting Commonwealth Attorney Justin Crocker said that police are in the process of trying to find Young, but he still has a court date set for his arraignment later this month.

Two others previously indicted in the case have had their charges resolved.

Jordan Lunsford pleaded guilty to tampering with physical evidence and was placed on pretrial diversion and Khalin Sparks had charges against him but were dismissed after police confirmed an alibi regarding his whereabouts during the time of the shooting.