Justin Kirby, a long-time member of the Keysburg community in Logan County, is opening a funeral home in the old Save a Lot building off KY 100 in Russellville.

Justin is no stranger to the vocation, being the grandson of J.C. Kirby who built his funeral home empire in Bowling Green in 1961. The legacy of Kirby is still thriving, as Justin's father, Kevin is well-known for carrying on his father's tradition at J.C. Kirby & Sons, now one of Bowling Green's biggest in the business.

Owning his own funeral home in Providence for the past several years, Justin wants to do what he does best in his own community.

"Growing up in this business, it has always been special and in my heart. It's much more than making money. For me, it's helping people during one of the most difficult times in their lives. I love to help people," said Justin.

Looking all around for property in the county when deciding to build, Justin felt buying an existing building would not only supply him with what he needed but also help refurbish an eyesore in the community that has been sitting empty for years.

"I think the community would want something built there instead of me building a new place," said Justin who is planning a complete remodel of the 14,000 square foot structure.

"The inside, as well as the outside, will be totally redone. There will be an entrance in the middle and the facade will be modern and sleek," said Justin, adding the chapel will seat a little over 300 people.

Justin anticipates opening his funeral home in Russellville this fall.

"I'm very excited to serve the community where I live and give them the best quality care, services, and the newest, most modern facility that the Kirby name is known for," said Justin. "Family is very important to me. I would not be the man I am today without my parents and my wife Rebecca, who is my best friend. I have my father to thank for all he has taught me through the years. We, the Kirbys, take community, commitment, serving others, trust, and honesty very seriously, and always do our absolute best for everyone."

Justin and Rebecca have four children, Clayton, 21; Caiden, 12; Gibson, 9, and Addison, 4. Three attend Olmstead School.

* The Kirby name is not associated with any other Logan County Funeral Homes.