Photo submitted Federal Grove gift shop

Photo submitted

Federal Grove gift shop

Federal Grove Restaurant and Bed & Breakfast, nestled in a grove of trees just outside the town of Auburn, has recently added a gift shop to its charm.

The shop is offering the family's renowned homemade maple syrup that is harvested in the winter months of January and February. An annual festival is held the last weekend in February in recognition of the syrup which includes demonstrations, local artisan guests, and, of course, food.

Also offered at the gift shop are delicious baked goods; locally handcrafted items such as jewelry, jams, and jellies; pancake mixes, coffees, and a plethora of other items from right here in Kentucky and Tennessee.

"This is an idea we have kicked around for about a year or so," said Federal Grove proprietor Lee Blythe adding he is excited to be able to offer one more opportunity for the customer. "We needed additional space and wanted to feature our maple syrup as well as products made locally. This was the next step and we are looking forward to many more in the future. It is also a warm or cool place for our customers to go while waiting to dine with us."

The Federal Grove gift shop is located about 20 feet from the main house and is open Monday through Saturday from 11 a.m.-8 p.m. the month of December. The shop will also be open year-round during dining times.

Federal Grove History

In 1775, a federal land grant was given to General Jonathan Clark, eldest brother to William Clark of the Lewis and Clark Expedition. The granted offered General Clark ten thousand acres on a military warrant to be taken west of the green river in Kentucky. Federal Grove was part of the initial seventeen hundred acres General Clark grabbed. General Clark filed his paperwork in Logan county courthouse in 1785, before settling in Louisville.

In 1805, General Clark granted property to his daughter Elinor, who was married to a Methodist minister named Benjamin Temple. Together, Elinor and Benjamin established a farm/plantation called Federal Grove; so named due to the land coming from a federal grant. Later, they acquired an additional three hundred acres and ran farming operations, which peaked in 1885. During its time operating as a farm, reports say that there were twenty-six slaves working on the property.

Benjamin passed away in the mid-1850s. After her husband's death, Elinor moved to Louisville to be with family. The property was sold to Captain Harrison Wood, former Kentucky state legislator, who built the house we call Federal Grove today. Captain Wood renamed the place Woodville and started a settlement. The settlement had a one-room schoolhouse, a blacksmith shop, a horse and mule trading post, and a general store. The nearby Shakers, who kept documentation of their trading activities, are to thank for our knowledge of Woodville settlement. Captain Wood lobbied to have the L&N Depot put in across from his settlement. After his attempts failed, it was the end of Woodville.

Around 1863, Captain Wood abandoned Federal Grove/Woodville, and it was sold to James Monroe Hall. The Halls kept it in their family for one hundred and twenty years, 1871-1991.

In the fall of 1991, Federal Grove house and the additional thirteen acres was purchased by Wayne and Terry Blythe. The house was completely restored, literally brick by brick, in 1992. The restaurant was added later.

You can contact Federal Grove by calling 270-542-6106 or visit at 475 E Main St, Auburn, KY 42206.