Members of Logan County Fiscal Court voted unanimously this morning to look into a possible feasibility study into the quality of life in the county as a whole. The body did not, however, join an incentive to have a study done specifically on Rolling Hills Golf Course to be turned into a sports-entertainment complex, being driven by Charlie Ray and Jim Riley.

Both Ray and Riley gave a presentation to the court this morning which included several former and current businessmen in the community showing support for the endeavor. Some of those there to speak in favor of the sports-entertainment project included former Logan Aluminum Plant Manager Fred Mudge and RJ Corman's Senior Vice President Noel Rush.

Riley asked the county to contribute $10,000 towards the anticipated $25,000 it would cost to have a feasibility study done on the course, which is now owned and operated by Gerald McPherson. The intention was to share the cost with the City of Russellville, who Ray and Riley are scheduled to make this same request to at the next scheduled city council meeting.

Magistrates decided to go out on their own instead of jumping on board with Ray and Riley saying it would be better to have a study done on the county as a whole to see what citizens wanted, instead of limiting it to just one project.

Both Ray and Riley wanted the study with the intent to have the Russellville and county governments purchase the property and turn it into a sports-entertainment complex.

More on this story in the Friday, Feb. 15th edition of the ND&L.