Asking for a donation from fiscal court to help rebuild the Lewisburg Coon Range Fish & Game Club, board member Ranny Adler addressed magistrates Tuesday about a donation.

“We have made a lot of improvements but we need more money,” said Adler. “We have done good on donations from people and businesses but we need more help.”

An increase in interest has sparked a revitalization of the club, which has been providing outdoor activities for over the past 75 years for members. Membership is $25 annually.

The club, unfortunately, has gone downhill over the past few years as membership dropped off and age began showing from neglect. The clubhouse- a beautiful spacious log cabin- suffered from termite infestation and the flooring had to be replaced. The biggest issue facing the board is the earthen dam that breached recently causing a 10-plus acre stocked lake to reduce to just a few acres.

Adler talked about the history of the club Tuesday, saying it was built in 1947 but the Coon Range Association actually started in the early 1920s.

“I know times are rough and money is tight,” said Adler. “We are not asking for $100,000 or $20,000 but we do need some help on it.”

Adler said the property has been neglected for 10 years and it is hard to bring something back in a year that has been neglected that long.

In order for the fiscal court to contribute public funds, it would have to be for a specific project and usable to the public at large, according to county attorney Joe Ross. Since the club is a membership only, the organization will have to come up with events that would be open for everyone in the county before the court could even consider contributing.

“Maybe think of some specific ways we can give you a donation that could be earmarked for a specific aspect of your project,” said Ross.

Adler mentioned the funds if contributed by fiscal court, would go to repair the dam, which will cost approximately $10,500 with Freddy Vaughn already being awarded the job.

Magistrate Tyler Davenport noted the Coon Range Club was a great place he had been several times but agreed with Ross saying it would be much easier for the court to contribute money if there were events open to the general public.

The 30-acre club property was donated by the LB Hinton family and over the years has provided many memories for those who live in North Logan. Some of the activities that are anticipated to be offered at the club include archery, shooting, fishing, kayaking, boating, camping, picnicking, barbecuing, horseshoes, cornhole, and access to a fully functional lodge. The lodge is also available for rent for large groups and events as well.