Tayveon Bibb was sentenced to five years in prison Wednesday on a charge of first-degree facilitation to commit robbery in the events that surrounded the 2016 shooting death of Lexus Bell.

Bibb had been charged with murder and first-degree burglary, but plead guilty as part of the agreement reached with Commonwealth Attorney Neil Kerr. In addition to the maximum five-year sentence on the facilitation charge, Bibb will also testify if called in the trial of the remaining two individuals charged in the Bell murder case.

Bibb was also deposed by attorneys from both sides on Wednesday. Kerr had asked for the deposition to be taken in the event that Bibb is unable to be produced during the upcoming murder trial of Demetrius Roberson and Deon Young.

During the sentencing, Circuit Judge Tyler Gill noted that Bibb had "been involved in the court system 14 to 16 times" despite being only 21 years old.

"Some of those were fairly small things, but some were not," Gill said.

The attorneys for both Roberson and Young made a motion that Bibb be kept in jail until the trial so that he would be available for cross-examination.

"I think it is very important to be able to question him in front of a jury," said Alan Simpson, the defense attorney for Young.

Simpson noted that since Bibb has already been in jail for over a year, he could be immediately paroled on the five-year sentence for facilitation to commit robbery.

Gill then ruled that if Bibb is paroled before the trial, his family will have to post a $1,000 bond to ensure that he appears in court to testify.

When Bibb plead guilty in February, he had to give an account of what he did to necessitate the robbery facilitation charge.

"I was in the car with Demetrius Roberson, Deon Young, and Reba Kirk while they were on their way to Robinwood Apartments to commit a robbery," Bibb said.

According to the testimony, Bibb went to the Russellville apartment complex with Roberson, Young, and Kirk with the intent of robbing Bell.

Bibb said that he was supposed to go into the apartment with Roberson and Young, but decided not to once they arrived. He testified that he waited at the car while the others went inside. While they were gone, Bibb said that he heard gunshots and when they came back, they had a rifle, which Bibb said he later found out as an AK-47 that was taken from Bell's apartment.

Bibb said that the reason he was involved in the robbery plot was because he knew "back roads" that the group could take after the robbery to make it back to Franklin.

According to Bibb, Roberson did not specifically say on the drive to Franklin that he had shot and killed Bell.

"He wasn't going into full detail," Bibb said. "He was somewhat trying to watch what he was saying."

Bibb testified that in the days following the shooting, Roberson did tell him that he had killed Bell.

"Once he started talking about it, I knew that he had killed the girl in the apartment," Bibb said.