Photo submitted Jeff Gregory and his daughter Paxton use the dog park in Auburn.

Photo submitted

Jeff Gregory and his daughter Paxton use the dog park in Auburn.

If you are searching for a safe and clean environment for your furry family member to roam off of their leash, look no further than the City of Auburn.

A quarter of an acre in the city's park has been fenced off and become Logan County's first and only dog park.

According to Becka Cox, Auburn's Clerk, citizens have been asking for a place for their pups for over a year. Within the past few months, the city council decided to take up the request and eventually passed the idea.

"Jeff Gregory was instrumental in the idea," said Cox. Gregory is the fire chief for the City of Auburn.

"A bunch of my friends and I have dogs and we used to go to the dog park in Bowling Green. I thought this would be something that would draw a lot of people so I asked the council if they would be interested and they eventually got it done," Gregory said. "Hopefully we will be able to get the grant to do some more stuff like put benches there and watering stations. It really is the perfect place for it."

The dog park is located off Amanda Gordan Road right before the football field.

Auburn Mayor Mike Hughes found the money in the budget to buy the necessary fencing and installation was completed last month. The project cost approximately $9,800.

"The park is being utilized a great deal already," said Cox, who herself applied for a grant recently to add to the park. "We applied to the PetSafe Brand Bark for Your Park grant. If awarded we plan to continue to enhance the recently installed dog park with further fencing, watering station and waste station. Cross your fingers," said Cox.

Grant recipients will be announced on the PetSafe Brand Facebook page throughout the month of August.

A vestibule area is needed for the park, which the grant would cover if awarded. This would provide an inner fenced area where you and your dog can go in first before entering the larger park.

"We all know when you come into a place with your pet, all the dogs will run up to meet the new dog. The vestibule area will help keep dogs from getting out," said Cox.

Signage will also be posted soon with rules and regulations for the park as well as other information.

"As a city with leash laws for walking our four-legged friends, we are excited to be able to provide the community and their furry family with a place to roam around and meet new friends safely. We hope those who use the park will respect it and keep it a safe place for all dogs," Cox added.