Auburn playground

Auburn playground

Looking for a cool place to take your children to play? The McCutchen Coke Municipal Park in Auburn is the place to be with new playground equipment sure to entertain the small ones in your life.

A 50-50 matching Land-Water Conservation Fund Grant through the Department for Local Government was awarded to the City of Auburn recently for $25,000 to help purchase several new pieces of equipment at the park.

"We replaced some of the old and outdated equipment that was not professional engineering associated and no longer insurable," said Mayor Mike Hughes. "We put in new swings that include a handicap swing that can also be used for a toddler, a climbing wall and net, a basket swing that takes place of a tire swing and an ADA accessible Merry-Go-Round." One of the slides in the center of the playground was paid for through a childhood obesity grant as well.

Hughes said he is pleased with how the park is growing to accommodate the citizens as well as those who visit from outside the community.

"This is a really nice asset to Auburn," said Hughes. "I think it's one more improvement we can make to improve the quality of life in our community."

The city also put a perimeter around the play area using engineered hardwood mulch.

Hughes says the city doesn't have any new equipment purchases planned for the 2019-2020 budget year, however, the following year the mayor plans to apply for grant monies once again to purchase a zip glide unit for the park. This is a 10-foot beam approximately 70 feet long that allows young people to have a zip line experience.

Another aspect the mayor is looking into is sectioning off a toddler area that will be fenced in, helping parents with their young ones who like to run while providing a safe place for age-appropriate play.

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"I've had a few parents approach me about a toddler area," said the mayor. "This is a good idea and one I will be looking into."

Hughes said he and the council will continue to promote the park seeing it as a focal point in the city, one that adds so much for all.