At least six more individuals have come forward claiming Willie Clarence White touched them inappropriately. This is in addition to the three listed in White's recent indictment for sexual impropriety against children.

Three made claims to the ND&L and the Commonwealth Attorney's office has received notification of potentially three more for a total of nine.

White was indicted in April on five counts of first-degree sexual abuse against three victims ages 12, 14 and 16. He was also charged in Todd County with first-degree rape of a 15-year-old in 1980, where he plead guilty to a lesser charge of third-degree rape.

White served as an associate pastor and bus driver at Focus Church in Lewisburg when the alleged crimes occurred with the three listed in the indictment.

According to the Commonwealth, the alleged offenses in the indictment occurred sometime while White was transporting the girls to and from the church.

Focus Church Pastor Garry Mitchell spoke as a character witness on behalf of White at a bond hearing in May saying he and the church members did not believe White to be guilty of the recent allegations and would allow him to come back to the church as an associate pastor and bus driver when questioned by Circuit Judge Tyler Gill. Since the bond hearing, the church leadership team, via Mitchell, released a statement saying White was no longer at the church until the accusations were settled.

"Since Clarence posted bail FOCUS church leadership, Clarence and his lawyer have agreed that he would not return to FOCUS church, or any activity or event until the matter of the accusations would be settled once and for all," the statement said.

When the ND&L ran the article reporting on White's indictment, three women posted they too had been sexually assaulted by White on the ND&L Facebook page. The News-Democrat & Leader reached out to them for comment. All three were willing to tell their story, but asked to remain anonymous.

"I certainly sympathize and understand the many reasons why a victim of a crime of this nature would want to remain anonymous," said Justin Crocker, acting Commonwealth Attorney for the 7th District. "It is very common for victims of sexual crimes to choose to remain anonymous."

When the ND&L reached out and spoke to the three alleged victims making claims on Facebook about White, one said, "The three young girls listed in the case against White are 'brave' and I only wish I could have been that brave when it happened to me when I was 12."

"Willie Clarance helped my dad work some. I always went with daddy on the farm. We were putting up hay and my dad was putting the last bale in the barn when he told me and Willie we could go ahead get in the truck and wait for him.

"While sitting in the truck, Willie pulled out a piece of baling twine out of his pocket and said playfully, 'let me tie your hands up.' I said ok. Being a young girl and him being in church and a Christian and working for my dad I never thought anything of it.

"I had a pair of shorts on when Willie laid both my wrists on my lap. As he was wrapping the baling string around my wrist tying my hands up he was touching my vagina with each wrap he made around my wrist which was about four to five times. When his hand touched my vagina I felt very uncomfortable. I had never been touched there in my life but just the way he did it I knew was wrong.

"I told all my friends at school about it but I never told my parents till years later. I was scared they wouldn't believe me or if they did believe me daddy would kill him."

After that incident, the alleged victim recalled seeing White at a church, occasionally claiming he would always hug her and she always felt uncomfortable.

The same alleged victim recalled another incident when seeing White at the Clifty Store when she was 18.

"I stopped at the Clifty store and Willie was there because at that time he worked on cars beside the store in a little shop. My window would not roll up when Willie saw me and came over telling me he could fix it, so I let him. I asked him what I owed him for fixing it and he said nothing but a kiss and then tried to kiss me on the lips. I dodged him. I was in shock he tried to kiss me like that in a public place him being a preacher at that time."

The alleged victim claims she told her boyfriend about it and he confronted White telling him not to ever try to touch her again.

"I finally told my parents about both incidents. I don't know if they believed me or not. We never talked about it again until last week when I saw Willie had been arrested for touching those girls inappropriately at his church.

"I feel bad that I wasn't strong and brave enough to tell what he did to me when I was 12 all those years ago to my parents or a school teacher when it happened. I applaud the three young girls that have spoken out.

"This is why I had to comment on the article (on Facebook) because I know those girls are telling the truth from my own personal experience."

Another alleged victim who spoke to the ND&L claims White would hug her at church and "placed his hand on my butt and around my shoulder and touched my breast."

She said she was 15 at the time it happened at Focus Church.

"I didn't know who to tell at the time it happened," she said adding, she did tell friends and a few adults later but it was "just kinda blown off."

"It was a while ago. I'm really not worried about it. But I hope he gets punished for what he did to the other young girls."

The third victim said she was sexually assaulted by White at the Clifty Store when she was 14 years old.

"Clarence touched me when I was a child," she said. "I was at the Clifty store just walking in and he (White) came up behind me and touched my butt. I walked over to the drinks but he cornered me up against the wall. I pushed him away and ran out the door and started crying."

The only person this alleged victim claimed she told was her mom, who she says confronted White.

"I never told a friend. I never came forward with my story. After he did what he did I never had any contact with him after that. This has been in my head and it probably will for the rest of my life. I hope these girls get justice for what Clarence did to them."

Acting Commonwealth's Attorney Crocker said he wanted to personally encourage anyone who knows anything about sexual assaults committed by White to come forward and speak with him or with the lead investigating officer in this case.

"If there is additional information or additional alleged victims that have not been identified by law enforcement, it is very important that these individuals come forward so that we can make sure that every crime of this nature is prosecuted to the fullest extent," said Crocker. "This will also ensure that these young juvenile ladies that have come forward with the allegations in the pending indictment against Mr. White are supported in this process.

"Information provided by identifiable witnesses or identifiable victims could be used to initiate a separate investigation or potentially used as additional evidence in the pending case against Mr. White. However, statements made by anonymous witnesses or anonymous victims are inadmissible as evidence and are unavailable to the Commonwealth for use in any criminal prosecution," added Crocker.

Editors Note: The three alleged victim's statements in this article are from their viewpoint only and have not been investigated by law enforcement at the time this article ran.

The function of the Grand Jury is to determine whether there is sufficient competent evidence to believe that a crime has been committed by a specific individual by issuing an indictment. This does not mean those individuals are guilty of a crime. The innocence or guilt will be determined by a jury at trial.

To contact acting Commonwealth Attorney Justin Crocker, call 270-726-4300.