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I know all your fishermen and women have been anxiously waiting to hear about “old TG’s” first fishing trip of 2015.

Well, here goes! I warn you, this is not a pretty story. You see we have not been fishing until this day because of many reasons. You see the Hubby has been fooling with his boat forever getting it ready. Everybody on the lake has had their hands on it trying to tell him what is best for him. Of course, “HE DID NOT LISTEN”.

So it is finally in the water, we got worms at Wayne’s place and because they did not have crickets, I told him I was not going. So the Hubby jumped in his boat and “OFF HE WENT”. Really the reason I did not go is because I am “worn out”! Do you ever get where you can’t put one foot in front of the other? Well, I decided this would be a great day for me to work in my little room upstairs doing some things just for me.

I was busy changing my “sock drawer” into another place in my room and my phone rang. Of course I left it downstairs and had to run down to see who was bothering me during my very important task. It was the HUBBY!

You won’t believe what he said, “the motor quit” and I am where the lake turns left to go to Rosewood. Could you please bring the pontoon out to pull me in? People, I had Pontoon 101 driving lessons two years ago and not only have I slept since then, I have not driven that boat since. You know how men are, if you are in the car or boat with them; they are driving. I told him absolutely not but I would find someone. Well, my “fabulous neighbor” came to my rescue. He came by our dock and picked me up. Then you won’t believe what jumped out of the front of his boat. A BIG MOUSE!

I am sure most women would scream and yelled but I started crying. He told me he wouldn’t hurt me, that he lives on his boat! I assured him that was not the problem. I was just mad about the whole situation. He assured me we would get the Hubby home safe. When we approached the end of what I call the freeway on Lake Malone, there was the Hubby right out in the middle just floating and looking sad. Of course we pulled him all the way home and he was truly ready for his nap by this time. Also a little sunburned.

While he was sleeping, I really felt sorry for him. After he woke up, I said why don’t we take the pontoon and go fishing. So off we went and that went pretty good for a little while. He caught a big old cat fish right off the bat and then I caught three BIG Blue Gill. That didn’t go over so well. But since we don’t have a trolling motor or an anchor on the pontoon, it made fishing a little difficult.

We went very slow down the shore line with me casting and him driving the boat. Then all of a sudden my reel wouldn’t work! It would let out just a little bit of line when I was casting and that was a BUMMER. So then the Hubby decided he would cast and I drove the boat. The first thing that happen was a tree limb “reached out and grabbed” his line and he had a big tangled up mess.

So we put the pontoon in “D” for drive and we quickly came home and called the wonderful little man who works on boats! He said he would be here at 8:30 a. m. in the morning. So tune in next week, I might have another “FISH TALE” to tell you. Let’s hope it’s better than this one.

Hope you are enjoying the moment because I DID NOT enjoy my first fishing trip at all! Bye now.

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