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For a number of years I was the Executive Director of the Kentucky Education Support Personnel Association representing more than 50,000 Kentucky school employees. I traveled from one end of the state to the other and to almost every county. I met thousands of good school employees who served the state with great dedication and integrity. The next time you get a chance thank a teacher aide, school secretary, a school bus driver, cafeteria worker, custodian and the many other school workers that help make your child or grandchild’s stay a school a better and safer one.

After a long and very successful career of 46 years, John Lee Barnes, owner of Barnes Insurance Agency in Adairville is retiring. He has sold his business to Linda Marklin of Marklin Insurance Agency in Elkton. John Lees last day as owner will be June 30. The Adairville office will remain open and the same office staff of Debbie Lawrence, Debbie Abbot and Michelle Trimble will remain to serve the public. John Lee and John Mason are expected to continue to help the new owner in carrying out a smooth transition.

John Mason Barnes, John Lee’s son, will continue to independently meet the community’s crop insurance needs. John Lee’s retirement will not affect that business at all.

I would like to add a personal thank you to John Lee and his wonderful family for all they have done for Adairville and Logan County. They have been a force for good, for helping and for kindness. They have helped hundreds of county citizens in time of need. They have helped many children and folks of all ages. They have helped our schools, our churches and our civic organizations. Their generosity has reaped a great crop of productive Logan County citizens that in turn will help hundreds of citizens in the future.

BIG 4TH OF JULY SET FOR RED RIVER FISH & GAME HABITAT (CLUB) Get ready for one of the largest 4th of July Celebrations in Logan County. The Fish and Game Habitat located in Adairville is sponsoring the big event which will be held at James Lake and the habitat’s club house on the east side of town. There will be music, food for a low price, door prizes and a big fireworks display which will probably be the largest in Logan County history. Admission is only $5. per car load. (That’s right only $5 for everyone you can get in a car.) The doors open at 5 PM and the fireworks will begin as soon as it is dark. This promises to be one of the best events of the year and all are welcomed.

OTHER INFORMATION Former first lady Barbara Bush is 90 this week. The late Dinah Shore, singing, radio, TV and movie star, who was from Nashville, Tennessee was born in 1916 and would be 99 this week. My dad went to old Hume Fog High School with Fannie Rose Shore aka Dinah. They use to sing on the radio together when they were in high school. Fannie Rose’s father had a very successful haberdashery on 4th Avenue in downtown Nashville. (He rented from my great uncle Sam Holt.) Uncle Sam and Uncle Jerry Holt ran a very successful restaurant next door. I remember visiting the restaurant several times when Fannie Rose would pop in to see my uncles and thank them for being so nice to her dad. (They never raised the rent.)

Years later I met the famous “Dinah” at Opry Land Hotel when she was filming a cooking show there. She spotted my name tag and immediately asked if I was Simon Dickerson’s son. When I told her I was she told the entire group how handsome my dad had been, what a great voice he had and that she would have married him in a minute if he had asked when they first finished high school. My head was as big as could be for the rest of the day. Dinah went on to marry twice. The first time was to George Montgomery who was a leading actor in America for many years. The second time was to a private business man.

The last time I was down in the Miami, Florida area it seemed like every restaurant was playing Doris Day and Dinah Shore songs. I asked a couple of young waiters if they knew who the singers were and they did not. One of the waiters said the owners said play those tapes because all of their customers were retirees and that’s who they wanted to hear along with Sinatra.

I personally like to listen to music where I can understand the words. None of this hard rock for me. I wish Doris, Dinah and Frank were still recording. I also liked Patty Page and the Whiting lady. I think eventually that type music will be back.

Time to go. Good night to all the folks at the Lewisburg, Auburn, Adairville and Russellville City Halls. They work hard for you and desire a thank you from time to time. Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

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