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Hello Logan County. I love life, people, retirement in a way, doing things for others, having friends, old people, children, nice people and living in this county. I even love some of the ornery people in the county.

I have had a wonderful 74 years of life that have flown by so quickly. I do not feel old or think old. I am always thinking and planning for the future. My hopes have been to remain active for another 20 years or so as several of my family have. I have been especially lucky to have had good health for so long.

Unfortunately I first became ill in December of 2013 while traveling through Little Rock, Arkansas. I spent five days in North Little Baptist Hospital. The prognosis was a very early stage of Leukemia. Since that time I have been hospitalized several times and had almost weekly trips to doctors. This is why I have had to miss meetings that I would not have otherwise missed.

One week ago my Vanderbilt Cancer specialist called me in to tell me that the leukemia had begun to advance at a more rapid pace. She also had a name. Chronic Myelomonocytic Leukemia-2. The doctor is considered one of the best in Tennessee but I have decided to seek a bit more aggressive treatment than she has suggested. If all goes well I will be traveling soon to the Andy Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas. I am not sure how long I am to be there but I am prepared to stay as long as it takes.

If I am able I will continue to write my column on a weekly basis and if not whenever I can. I love writing the articles, knowing the staff of the paper and learning so much. I do appreciate you the readers. Without you there would be no incentive to write for the paper. I also want to thank Jim Turner former editor of the paper who first asked me to start writing this column some years ago and O.J. Stapleton, current editor of the paper who has allowed me to continue writing. Thank you.

THE COUNTY FAIR IS COMING, THE COUNTY FAIR IS COMING –July 11 Logan County will kick off its’ annual fair with a big horse show. Last year it was an outstanding event and I expect it will be even better this year. Watch for the time and ticket prices and try to bring the whole family. Other things listed on the internet at this time are: July 18 Go Cart Races, July 19 Gospel Singing, July 20 Beef Show and Baby Toddler Pageant, July 21 Sheep, goats, & pig shows plus Children and Teen Pageants, July 22 to be announced, July 23 to be announced, July 24 Tractor Pull and July 25 BBQ Cook Off and Truck Tug of War.

NEWS – The Logan County Chamber of Commerce has announced the one year celebration of Brown Veterinarian Clinic in Russellville. The celebration will be held on June 29 from 12 noon until 2 P.M. at the clinic’s office at 53 Summers St. There will be a raffle, prizes, cookout and bake sale.

I stopped by and visited the county humane society this week. What a difference. Clean, no smell, no dogs tied under trucks, nice painted large pens for the dogs and no overcrowded situation. I could hardly believe the difference. I understand that until recently that more than 150 animals had been crowded into the premises. (Possibly nearly 200 animals.) Now there are just under 50 animals there.

The staff praised the elected county officials for their support and Jailer Phil Gregory for providing good inmate workers. (I also have praise for the same folks!)

I stopped by to see my old friend Charlie Starks a few days ago. He and his lovely wife live on Schocoho Road. I have kidded Mr. Charlie and written about him for many years. He has been a true character and friend. He is 85 years old and fairly ill. If you know Charlie please send him a card.

I also stopped by the nursing home in Russellville to visit “Momma Finch.” Some know her as Danny Finch’s personal answering service! I say that with a big smile. What a lovely woman. She has raised wonderful children and been a special part of the Adairville community for many years. Her great influence on three generations of Finches shows brightly in their many accomplishments.

WITH A SMILE – Some 25 years ago I had a business and home on Murfreesboro Pike in Nashville. It was close to the airport and I could easily fly in and out as most of my work was in Washington, D.C. A new shopping center opened down the block from my business so I decided to try out a hair cutting shop that I saw was there. I drove over and parked in front of the shop and walked right in.

I was a bit surprised. It was a large shop with 12 chairs, 12 lady hair stylists and 12 ladies having their hair done. The difference was that everyone was black. I wasn’t expecting that. Everything became quiet and the apparent manager stepped forward and asked if she could help me. I was a bit stunned but I was able to ask if they did men’s hair. She told me that they did and would have an opening in about 30 minutes. I smiled and told her I would come back them. As I went out the front door I heard one of the ladies say, “He want be back!”

Thirty minutes later I came walking through that front door to several gasps. The shop was still full but there was one empty chair and I climbed aboard. I think every woman in the shop had their eyes on me. After several minutes everything seemed to return to normal. The Geraldo Show was on a large screen TV in the room.

Quickly everyone in the shop turned their attention to the TV when Geraldo announced that his two guests were the head of the Black Panthers and the head of the Neo Nazi Party in America. Within a matter of minutes a full fledged battle broke out on TV. Everyone in the salon bounded to the front of the TV. The women shouted, boxed with their hands and screamed to high heaven. On TV the police came charging in to stop the guests and audience from fighting. Geraldo came up with a bleeding and broken nose from a chair that was thrown.

The ladies suddenly realized I was in the room and were embarrassed. My response was to clap my hands, cheer for them all and tell them if it was this entertaining in this shop, I was going to be a regular customer from then on. In fact I have been a customer off and on ever since. I have many friends from that shop, know who their husbands are, all about their kids and grand kids and I love them all. People are still people whoever and where ever they are.

TIME TO GO – Good by my many friends and good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.

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