RHS exploring girls’ soccer program

By OJ Stapleton - [email protected]

Russellville High School was one of the first area schools to offer boys’ soccer, but has never fielded a girls’ team. That may change next year as plans are well under way to start up a girls’ only program.

On Friday, the school held a meeting to gauge interest among students currently in grades 7-10 and 24 girls showed up to say they would like to play next year.

“The next step is that we are going to have another meeting with parents involved,” said RHS athletic director Calvin Head. “If those numbers are validated, then we will start proceeding with looking at the budget numbers and how much it would cost to start a team next year.”

Head said the administration has already started doing some preliminary work on looking at the finances involved for starting a girls’ soccer team.

“We’ve already started crunching some numbers, and we want to piggyback it with a feeder for middle school,” Head said. “That way we can have some solidity where we can get both going at the same time. That’s a large task, but I think we could do it.”

As it stands right now, if the current level of interest is validated, Russellville would start next season with a junior varsity high school team – and possibly a girls’ middle school team as well, if there is enough interest.

“Some people asked why we didn’t just start with a middle school team, but we saw that there was a ton of interest already at the high school level,” Head said. “We though that we could start that and let the excitement of a high school team help jump start the middle school team.”

The meeting on Friday was during school hours, Head said that no time and date has yet been set for the parent meeting, but that it would be in the evening.


By OJ Stapleton

[email protected]

To contact OJ Stapleton, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

To contact OJ Stapleton, email [email protected] or call 270-726-8394.

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