Remember the reason for the season

Dear Editor:

When this rolls around and we sit and wait for loved ones to come and visit, presents we anticipate. But do we remember that the Lord was born so long ago and gave us this season, this reason to celebrate?

We spend our dollars and decorate, we put that nativity on the mantle, but do we really think about how it must have been for them, that night so long ago? Mary accepting her situation that she was placed in. Joseph taking everything in not doubting his role in it. The three wise men’s faith in following the star. We see what a drama it was long ago, unbelievable to our reality shows of today.

God gave up his son in love to show us a giving love, so we would know Jesus. Jesus grew up and sacrificed himself so we would be saved.

So celebrate with bows and tinsel. But bow your heads and pray a thanks for that love, that special gift and give it back this year. Give it to a stranger like you do your neighbor. Wish them a Merry Christmas, or if you must, a Happy Holiday. Have love in your hearts. Go to your church and pray for the nation for what will be a trying time in the near future. Be grateful for what you have, give to the less fortunate. Share your heart among your friends. Sing God’s praises daily. Pray for all who pass your way. Have patience at checkout counters. Be in the moment. Be thankful for we are surely blessed to be loved by a gracious God.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Lisa Romeo

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