Your local BackPack Program needs your support

Gary Miles - Executive Director - Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland - Elizabethtown, Kentucky

Dear Editor:

Let me begin by saying Thank You to those of you who support Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland and our BackPack Program. This program specifically targets school children who are at-risk of being hungry over the weekend when school meals are unavailable. Each child on the program discreetly receives a bag of 14-17 kid-friendly food items upon leaving school for the weekend.

Most of us cannot imagine not having ample food available in our homes, but in some households across Kentucky this is a harsh reality. The teachers and staff at the 235 schools that currently participate in the program tell us what a difference this food is making in the lives of the students receiving it. These children now arrive on Monday morning with a much improved, positive outlook toward school. They are now better prepared to study and learn instead of being solely focused on their hunger and worrying about when they will get to eat again.

During the 2015-2016 school year, FAKH and our county coordinating agencies served approximately 6,000 students on the BackPack Program in 35 central, south central, and western Kentucky counties. Unfortunately, due to a decline in donations this school year, we’ve only been able to enroll approximately 4,000 students back on the program. If you have supported this essential program in the past, we greatly appreciate your generosity and hope you will consider renewing your support. If you have not been a supporter of this program, we would appreciate and encourage you to adopt a child or make a donation of any amount toward the program. For just $3.00 per week ($120 per school year), you can Adopt-A-BackPacker in the county of your choice for an entire school year – 40 weeks. We assure you that every dollar you contribute truly makes a difference in the lives of these children. Please visit our web site to learn more about the BackPack Program and how you can make an online donation to this worthy cause. Alternatively, if you prefer to mail in your donation, you can print off the adoption form found in the “Take Action”, “Adopt-a-BackPacker” tab of our web site. Thank you for helping us care for Kentucky’s most vulnerable children!

Gary Miles

Executive Director

Feeding America, Kentucky’s Heartland

Elizabethtown, Kentucky

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