We are a divided nation

Dear Editor:

We are a divided nation.

One half of the country, lead by Hillary Clinton, thinks that Obama’s “fundamental transformation of America” is a great thing.

After all, America was founded by rich white slave owners. We stole the country from Mexico and the Indians. Mankind is killing the planet, and apes should have the same rights as humans. The Constitution is a living, pliable document that should reflect current trends and fads. An ever-expanding government, government control of health care, abortion on demand, more entitlements like free college and other free stuff, taxing the rich into oblivion, open borders, unilateral disarmament, and an impotent military in favor of more social spending are all seen as “progress.”

The other half of the country, now represented by Donald Trump, no longer recognizes the country they grew up loving, and the only thing that keeps them from open revolt is the forlorn hope that one more election or one more Supreme Court decision will stop the carnage and return American to the country envisioned by the Founding Fathers.

We are a deeply divided nation. And the career politicians like it that way.

I have referred to Progressive Democrats and Establishment Republicans as being pretty much one in the same. They’ve both been pushing us toward the same cliff. The only difference is that the Democrats wants – and can usually be depended upon – to get us there a little faster.

The same establishment Republicans who now have distanced themselves from Trump are actually responsible for his rise. Republicans said they were helpless to stop Obama unless they had control of the House. So voters gave them the House. Then they said that they had only one third of the government and they needed a majority in the Senate. So voters gave them the Senate. And the Republicans proceeded to do nothing to stop what Obama openly called the “fundamental transformation of America.”

Americans turned away from 16 qualified presidential candidates because they were associated with the “establishment” and therefore among the group of politicians held responsible for mucking up the country from the swamp in Washington, D.C.

Trump emerged as the agent to half Obama’s plan.

Trump has no political experience other than contributing to both Republicans and Democrats over the years, including to Hillary. Hillary has a political record spanning three decades – and that is her special problem.

75 percent of Americans feel the country is headed in the wrong direction. Polling data on both candidates show that many Americans view their candidates more unfavorably than favorably. Furthermore, significant numbers of voters feel that one or both candidates are actually dangerous.

This may be the first election in history when more people are voting against a candidate than for a candidate.

Depending upon what you choose to believe about Trump and Hillary’s Bill, regardless of who wins the election, there will be a male predator in the White House.

So, on November 8th, I and millions of other voters may have to enter the polling place, hold our noses and again vote for what we think is the lesser evil.

Ronald B. Elder, M.D.


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