LOST – Local option Sales Tax

Dear Editor:

As Election Day approaches I find it very important to pay attention to the decisions of our elected leaders, who are asking for our vote this November. One of the issues most important to me is increasing taxes. That is why I am writing to make you aware of a tax increase that the General Assembly has considered for the last two sessions, but hasn’t been discussed much locally which is the new local sales tax proposal.

In the 2015 and 2016 legislative sessions the House passed a constitutional amendment allowing cities and counties to levy up to a one percent sales tax on top of the 6 percent state sales tax we already pay. The legislation is being pushed by big city mayors in Louisville and Lexington who would receive more than 40 percent of the projected revenues of this new tax. A small community such as ours would never be able to enact such a tax because we don’t have the means to generate significant revenues.

So once again small town-Kentucky loses and the big cities win! I feel certain that we will pay the tax, since many of us work and play in the commonwealth’s larger cities. So Louisville and Lexington will be able to fund nice projects for their citizens and we only have the privilege of paying for them.

That is why this November it is important to get informed and ask the candidates for the state legislature if they support this new tax. Know your candidates and what their positions are on this and all of the other important issues facing small town and rural Kentucky and make an informed decision at the polls.

Donnie Riley


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