Amish do not deserve jail

Dear Editor:

I am writing this due to the recent events that have unfolded in Auburn with our fellow Amish neighbors. I am embarrassed for anyone to know that I belong to a community such as Auburn. Although I am not a city resident, I do live about eight miles out, but visit Auburn daily and shop there daily. I travel through there daily and I have never seen the streets littered with poop, every once in a while I may occasionally see poop, but that is nothing more than hay and corn. There is nothing harmful and it will not hurt your vehicles.There is a lot worse things on the road than poop. The stuff they treat the roads for snow and ice is harmful, but no one complains about that and we shouldn’t because it is for our safety, and that is what the Auburn city council is trying away for the Amish: their safety.

The collection device is not a safe feature to put on horses. There are numerous cattle trailers that travel the road that lose manure out the back all up and down the roads and we are not ticketed. Why? Because it does not harm a thing! We haul a trailer up and down the roads and I would hate to know that we would not be allowed in Auburn because manure may fall from the trailer, but it would probably come to that one day because a few Auburn citizens don’t remember their roots. Our grandparents and great grandparents traveled the roads just the way the Amish are and I don’t recall there ever being any citations issued back then. I have also seen numerous golf carts and Gators roaming the streets. When did they become legal?

I have recently spoken to one of the Amish neighbors and he expressed to us that the collection device attaches to the shafts. His main concern was that it fits up against the back of their legs and after several days of working that horse, they would be raw and unable to use them until their legs heal. Another issue was the device attached to the shafts and when they go uphill the device pulls back on the harness, which is very hard on the horse.

The Amish are a very good asset to our community. They are very good carpenters and I am sure they have done some work for people in the city. They also provide many city residents with fruits and vegetables. If I were Amish, I would not provide any service to any city resident because they are the people that could help do something about this. It is a shame that we would rather pick on these people over something this silly rather than get the drug dealers and abusers off the streets. I am sure the city as a whole could come to some conclusion or better yet, just drop the law that never should have been made in the first place!

I have been to numerous towns including Russellville, Farnklin, Hopkinsville, Scottsville and Munfordville and all of those towns accept them. Most of them even have hitching posts for them to come into town and do their business, and our own one horse town can’t even be accommodating to them! If you are an Auburn citizen that would like to help out with this situation, I urge you to talk to the city council about this. These two men do not deserve to sit in jail. They are not bad people and they have not done anything wrong. The question is: Is this a personal vendetta of a city employee or friend of the council?

Tabitha White

Logan County

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