Statue should remain on town square

Dear Editor:

I love my hometown and think our downtown is a beautiful place with special childhood memories of our fountain and the Confederate soldier statue. My great grandfather, Mr. Dan Duncan took great pride in explaining to his grandbaby girl about soldiers fighting and dying for their families and homes. This statue may mean different things to different people.

I only try to remember brave men who fought for their loved ones and their homesteads or small farms.

Here is a fact to think about. Some of the men who fought for the South did not own a plantation of slaves. those men were not fighting to maintain a lifestyle including slaves.

This is a memorial statue to honor men who loved the South, their home. I am sure there are many Logan Countians who have ancestors who fought in the Civil War and respect their sacrifices for family and home. No matter what we can not change history. “It is what it is!”

The best we can do is live and let live. We do not need to forget honorable men defending their “little piece of Heaven on Earth” in the South.

These men loved their wives, children, and homes just as men do today. Confederate soldiers deserve to be remembered with honor and respect. The soldier of the South who stands proudly keeping watch over our park is a symbol of true Southern pride. You can not remove Southern pride from a Southern heart.

Debbie Grise


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