Ernie Ezell - Auburn

Dear Editor,

You know, like most of you, I try to keep up with the news, but down here in Logan County, it is sometimes slow to get here! I am still concerned about everyone’s “favorite son.” No, it’s Senator Mitch McConnell, not that import, Rand Paul.

I have tried to contact him about doing his job relating to The President’s nomination of Judge Merrick Garland to the Supreme Court. I suppose that Mitch is still willing to ride it out until after the election in November, or until the polls show that Hillary Clinton is leading against Donald Trump. This week the polls are like the recent weather barometer readings. Clinton leads, Trump leads, up two, down three, who knows where it will end up! We are probably looking at a big storm in the forecast.

I am inclined to think that once Clinton gets the nomination, the ‘Bernie’ Democrats will mostly settle their differences and coalesce around her. That, along with the support of a few “right thinking Republicans”, should move her back into a winning direction. But it is still too early to make a prediction. I can still not imagine Donald Trump as president, but it appears that Senator McConnell and Senator Paul have no qualms about supporting him. I suppose our two Senators are more imaginative than I, or perhaps they are willing to sell their souls to the devil. But again, who knows? Trump is a master at nuancing his positions, and many people are actually convinced that his current position on “whatever”, is exactly what they want to hear.

Amidst all of this angst about the fate of the nation and the prospect of someone such as Donald Trump becoming President or the Republican Party disintegration or degeneration, or some other calamity that causes some old men to turn into “angry old white men”, some of us old white, black, brown, red, and other color men and women still maintain our sanity and we still think positive.

Guess what? There is some Good News! I have noticed that Obama’s approval ratings are now above the 50% level. Of course, these are national polling numbers. Here in Kentucky, we positive thinking, Obama supporters are most likely in the minority. Senator McConnell, like most dog catchers, Constables, Representatives, etc. in the State of Kentucky has been running against ‘Candidate Obama’ ever since he was first elected President. Mr. McConnell may now be forced to actually run for what he stands for and not against a President, whose accomplishments and reputation may yet exceed President Reagan’s. What does Senator Mitch McConnell really stand for?

Ernie Ezell


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