Confederate Solider statue needs to be taken from square

Dear Editor:

My name is Dorris Vick. I am very troubled about the things going on in the world and in my community concerning racism. Many of us in the community and around the world do not want to talk about it. However, it is what it is. Martin Luther King fought and died trying to make a change. Nine people were murdered in South Carolina because of the color of their skin. These are the ones in the media now. However, many more have been murdered because of the color of their skin. That is so strange because when we go to give blood that seems like the only time the color of our skin doesn’t matter. For those of you who do think the color of our skin matters, tell the doctor the next time you or your loved ones need blood. God makes us different colors, but he also made us equal.

Dylan Roof had hatred in his heard and was a supporter of the Confederate flag, which is symbolic of hatred for any race other than the white race. I am aware that the confederates primarily fought the Civil War because they did not want to share their profits with the Union. However, they also did not want the North to become a safe haven for the slaves. Hate organizations have attached themselves to the Confederate flag and made it symbolic of their unchristian behavior and mentality. I see the warning signs right under my nose. We should not ignore these signs. A constant reminder of the hatred, racism and bigotry that the confederate flag represents is right here in our downtown park square. That is the Confederate Solider, that in my opinion, should be in its proper place – a museum. We cannot erase the ugly past, but why should we be reminded of it ever day as we circle our town square?

Thing happened in the past that were not godly. However, it is time to put history in its proper place – a museum. Many of us say we are on our way to heaven. Are we really? I have read where a thousand people from Logan County fought in the Confederate War. These people will not be forgotten no more than the soldiers from the North have been forgotten. Yet, we don’t have a statue or cannons of the Northern soldiers. These things are history and belong in a museum. I wish for a community that will come together and not let recent worldwide events divide this community. However, if we keep living in the past, I cannot see us united, but dividing instead. These are not only the sentiments of Dorris Vick, but many other in this community, both black and white.

My main focus is the youth in this community. However, there are no organizations, to my knowledge, who can or will deal with issues such as this and some things just need to be said.

Dorris Vick


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