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You know many times I have mentioned that I believe in MIRACLES! If you stop to think about it, what is a miracles? I know what it is … But believe me when you hear about this miracle you will really know what it is.

You remember that the Hubby and I went to visit the Daughter because he wanted to check on his Big White Stuffed Snow Goose. Well, while we were there the Hubby had a friend that all of a sudden “fell ill” and it was really serious. He was admitted to the hospital and his friend’s wife felt she needed to stay the night near her Hubby. So of course being the friend I am, I decided to stay with her. You know the nights are pretty weird in the hospital. Everyone seems to be really sick there.

While we were sitting in this little room where they put the friends and family of patients; we saw a young girl walking up and down the hall. Bless her heart, she look like she was just “really out of it”! Finally on one of her trips up and down the hall, she stopped and looked at both of us. She asked my friend who her Hubby had for a doctor. Really, I thought she was going to drop right there on the spot. My friend told her the doctor’s name and she replied that he had just operated on her husband and saved his life. Of course we were all ears at that moment.

It seems that her young husband of forty four year of age was sitting at a red light in his convertible and all of a sudden he felt dizzy. He slumped over in his seat and the woman behind him saw him and jumped out of her car to see what happened. Then the car behind her had a man in it that jumped out of his car and came running. He jerked the man out of the front seat and began to give him CPR while the woman dialed 911. It just happened that the lady was a nurse and the man behind her was a physician’s assistance. To make a long story short, they saved his life! The nurse and the physician assistant had given him a second chance on life. Of course they brought him to the hospital we were in and operated immediately.

Asked me if that woman was happy? Just think to yourself, what if I were in either one of those people’s shoes, would I panic? And more important, what would I change about my life if I had a chance to start over? There is no doubt in my mind that a MIRACLE happened that night. It gives me chills just to think about.

Of course my friend and I spent the night together in that little waiting room, praying that we too would have a miracle. You see my friend’s Hubby needed a little work on his heart.

I felt that each of you out there in “Never, Never Land would love a great story that had a happy ending. As we left the hospital that morning, we felt we heard about a miracle from a person we didn’t even know. Do we have to know minor details? NO WE DO NOT! We only have to BELIEVE.

So do look around you, you may be a witness to someone doing good or you may just be that person who God has selected to perform a MIRACLE.

Till next time, hug your Hubby, call your friends and please “live the moment” because that is all we have. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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