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By Donna Blake - Adairville News

I had a great time at thee Logan County Chamber Annual Dinner last week. The food was delicious as was the comradery. I was so proud that the Teacher of the Year went to an Adairville teacher, Jennifer Baker. The letter was read from the person who nominated her and how much she had meant to their grandson, Charlie Moore. Jennifer represents the kind of teachers we have at Adairville School and that is why they continue to reach their goals while maintaining that student teacher relationship that makes it such a great school. Good job, Mrs. Baker. So proud of your honor.

We also had Farm Family of the year from South Logan. Don and Meredith Halcomb along with their children which make up Walnut Grove Farms won this honor. We are so proud to have a local farm family representing Adairville and South Logan. They continue to stay on the cutting edge of new things that farmers have to be in the know of to compete in the farming industry today. Farming has changed so much in the last 50 plus years and they have been willing to go with the change to keep their farm profitable. The Halcomb’s continue to do this and we are so proud of their accomplishment and their honor.

Please keep Mrs. Nola Willeford in your prayers. She is in Creekwood working with physical therapy to try to get her on her feet again and back in Adairville. That is her goal and we definitely want her to accomplish that and get home. We love you Mrs. Willeford and look forward to your return to Adairville.

Remember all the sick and bereaved in our community. I’m sure there are some that I don’t know about.

Plans continue for the 71st annual Strawberry Festival. The theme this year is Strawberryville “The Time is Ripe”. There are so many spins you can take with this. The time is ripe for growth, to start a business, to volunteer. Decorate something and put in the parade. You don’t have to build an elaborate float but would be nice if you can, but so many have gators, golf carts, etc. Decorate those and be a part of the parade. The more you participate in the festival the more fun it is. We are going to bring back the entertaining Talent Showcase. If you sing, then is the time to show off that talent. Play the guitar, just come and share your talent.

Coffee Bottom Girl

Now Coffee Bottom was just a country road that sort of formed a loop and not any rocket scientist hails from there but it taught me a lot of life lessons. It taught me that sometimes you win and sometimes you lose but you still got to play as long as you play by the rules. When you didn’t play by the rules you were thrown out of the game. Many times of that and you learned to play by the rules. That’s why it drives me crazy that there are people in an uproar about the immigration problem. We wouldn’t have the problem if everyone had been playing by the rules for many years. I am all for anyone wanting a better life and wanting to come to America but come and play by the rules. If you want to live here become a citizen, pledge your allegiance to the United States, become contributing members of our society, learn our language. Keep your flags, your heritage and teach them to your children but don’t salute them and expect us to understand. You wanted to be an American so act like one. It’s not that we don’t want you here, just play by the rules. It’s like someone coming in my house and rearranging my furniture. Ain’t gonna happen. Nuff said?

A Hui Hou Kā’Kou

“May the road rise up to meet you

May the wind be always at your back

May the sun shine warm upon your face

And the rain fall soft upon your fields

And until we meet again

May God hold you in the palm of his hand”

By Donna Blake

Adairville News

To contact Donna Blake about the Adairville News, call 270-772-2175.

To contact Donna Blake about the Adairville News, call 270-772-2175.

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