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Hello from Spa, a small community anymore. All that is there is a church, which would love to have more people so please come to Elk Lick Baptist Church. We have a new pastor, Bro. Dale Hanson and wife Linda. We need you and you may need a church family.

Glad Martha Wright has finally gotten home from the Medical Center after a rather lengthy stay. Hope she is soon feeling much better.

Stanley and Elaine were the proud owners of 2 tickets from her mom for Tuesday’s Kentucky-Tennessee game. They spent the night up there, returning home on Wednesday.

As you know I’m still pretty much a kid, so I was pleased Wednesday night when one of the leaders of the kids called to see if I felt like he and the class coming over. Of course I did. Coming were Ronnie and Cher, Sheridan, Cassidy, Bethany, Bailey and Sydney. I don’t think I missed anyone. I sure did enjoy their visit. Thye had prayer before leaving. Do it again real soon.

Last Friday Judy picked me up and we went to Slappy’z and met Kathryn Stuart, Betty Lassiter and Martine Brown, she being the birthday girl. Her birthday is the 19th. Next celebrating is Kathryn on June 3rd and Judy and Betty are Sept. 9th and 11th. Finally mine is Oct. 24th. The birthday gal gets to pick where they want to go eat. We enjoy each other and have a good time.

Some known March birthdays are: 11th Mitchell Johnson, 21st Jason Hendley and Marvine Borders, the Baugh family with Glenn the 29th, Cathy the 27th and their daughter Angie the 26th. Glenn and Cathy’s anniversary in the 14th. Hope all have good days.

I called Stephannie Coursey last Friday night to see if I could hear from the former pastor’s wife, Stephanie Luttrell. She has not been well for awhile. Maybe a wee bit improved, however, needs a lot more improvement. Hope they can soon get her condition better. I’m sure they would appreciate your prayers on her behalf.

We have a good report on ole Mack Mallory. he had to have some tests done and the results are in. He is in good shape. No bad findings. Now that is a praise report. I am glad. In case you don’t know Mack, he is a WRUS radio personality. He will also appreciate you remembering his as you pray.

You know many times we are more blessed than we realize and we fail to give thanks right? I think so. Let’s remember from who all blessings flow.

Sorry that Marvine Borders had to spend one night this past week in the hospital in Bowling Green. Hope she is soon feeling better.

I had company Sunday afternoon. Former pastor Bro. Kenny and Tammy Cummins of Princeton.

Until next time, have a good week.

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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