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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

Down the long drive way over the bridge out to the beautiful blue water of the bay. I love looking at the blue water but as you know “Home is where the Heart” is and that it is back at my “Beloved Lake Malone”! I hope all you people are taking care of it and my “little ducks” too. I know they miss me.

I must start a rumor this morning. The Hubby has been busy trying to “walk his legs off” on the beach. I have never like to walk on sand so I just tell him to take off and “do his thing” each morning while I run around with the ladies. But you see I have found out I better go with him and check out the ladies that are walking on the beach. You see he told me he got a little tired the other day and decided to rest on a bench. Well, he was surprised when a lady came by and asked if she could sit for a while. Then he told me she kept inching a little closer down the bench to him. Of course after much talking she got around to asking the Hubby if he was married. Bless his little heart, he was so flattered. But he finally got it all together and told her that he was. He told me she even noticed he didn’t have a ring on. Of course immediately I asked how he answered that question. He kinda skipped that question with a silent reply. You ladies out there need to take my advice and hug your hubby every morning and tell them you love them. I try to do that each morning and I decided I might just “tie a string” on his ankle just in case I have to pull him back off that beach. He was quick to let me know he was never too old to “look”!

While away from you, I discovered that Wayne’s place had an advertisement for a “cook” on their Facebook page. So I called them and the first question was “how are you going to fit this job into your schedule?” I told them I was there every day. But they still told me I would have to take a cooking test. The Hubby said that will leave you out! Finally, they had to tell me that I was always running around all over the country and they had found this wonderful lady that would do just fine. But they would certainly keep me in mind if they ran out of help. The Hubby had to reply, “thank you Lord” she would talk their customers to death.

Since we are talking about cooking, there is a large grocery store here that has a chief and he has cooking classes on Friday. Can you imagine that happening at Walmart in Russellville? I told the Hubby I really didn’t need any classes…..I was great just like I am. You know what his “last” word was….REALLY!

I can’t let this article close without mentioning the “Big Blue” basketball team. I forgot my schedule so I have to rely on my “BLUE Buddy” to tell me when and where they play. Man, I can’t wait to be back with my Buddies. People here could care less. They just don’t understand the “Blue Fever”! I keep telling them it a sickness that get worse as the season progresses. Also, the Hubby called his buddies and they are ready for him to get back so we can play rummy! Not much longer and we will be back!!!

Today is a very special day. Cupid is out shooting arrows into everyone’s hearts and the television is full of every kind of advertisement. I am sure all you guys out there that do read my column, picked up flowers or a card. But you know you can just give your “Sweetie” a big hug every morning for breakfast and I bet she will love you forever, even when you leave and go fishing all day!

Well, it’s getting that time again. Hope you all are well and having as much fun this winter day. Spring is coming. Hang in there and remember to enjoy the moment even if your Hubby forgot what day it was. Love you all….Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

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