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What a fun day! The Ladies here in “Never, Never Land” were introduced to “High Tea” in the afternoon! Now I know you people are going to think that “Old TG” is moving up in the world. Yes, this was a wonderful experience. Of course the Hubby said “WHAT” is a TEA? Of course I had to draw him a picture. I told him that’s when ladies dress up and drink tea out of “little cute” cups and talk real sweet to each other. The only remark that he said was, “thank goodness I don’t have to go!

We all arrived at this beautiful restaurant and they had a very special place just for us. Of course we all had to talk a little “woman talk” and then this lady brought out a cute little wire thing that had “tiny” and I mean “tiny” sandwiches, not as big as a “white cracker”. Of course they had three different kinds on the plate and everybody acted like a lady and took only one! I noticed right away they had cucumbers on one of them. I could not imagine putting a slice of cucumber on bread with this fancy sweet stuff. But of course I ate them all. We all laughed and drank all kinds of tea. Then after we ate those cute things in “one bite” they brought another cute tray of biscuits, little pies shells about as big as your thumb with cheese and ham on the top. I could had eaten about five of those in one “mouth full”! But being the lady that I am, I only took one of each kind.

The ladies discussed really important things such as “getting a ticket” while traveling through Detroit! When they asked me where I was from, I had to admit I didn’t know where Detroit was and after hearing about their incident I wasn’t planning on going anytime soon. I told them we have only one policeman and he never catches me when I speed through my little town.

Finally after much talking, they brought more TEA and dessert. I really wondered how on earth they cut those little pies and cakes in such “small” pieces. They were good of course and the plate flew around that table several times. I think the ladies didn’t want everyone to know how many they ate!

When I was ready to leave, they brought out this little plate with something like “baked whipped cream”. I hated to ask, what on earth this was, but I did anyway and everybody was too busy eating it to give me an answer. So I just forced myself to eat it just like everybody else.

It was time to leave and the Hubby was anxiously waiting at the door. He wanted to know if we had been drinking tea all afternoon. Of course my reply was “Yep”! And I had to tell him we stopped by Walmart on the way home! You know how my car is, it won’t pass a Walmart.

After giving the Hubby a big hug, I told him all about my adventure and of course he “rolled his eyes” a couple of times and replied. Glad I didn’t go. Guess what, I was glad he didn’t go either.

Well, now that you have heard the good news, I will fill you in on my BAD NEWS. The BIG BLUE let me down! They lost big time. Then I nearly went into depression when my Falcons lost the Super Bowl. All I can say is there will always be a next time. As you can see I didn’t enjoy those moments one bit! Till next time. Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

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