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Hey there guys and girls! It’s been a beautiful trip to the Daughters house. Everything is just like we left it about seven months ago; except we have six “big old turkeys”, eating under the bird feeder in the yard. The Daughter told us that the Hubby’s “BIG WHITE SNOW GOOSE” had settled into his new home. You see that is why we came; the Hubby wasn’t sure that his new friend Will knew how to take care of his goose. Really, how hard is it to take care of a ‘”STUFFED” Goose; and of course you know I was really worried about it!!

Anyway, the Daughter began to tell him that since he received the Snow Goose, Will had his eye on the turkeys in the back yard. You see the Daughter feeds them every day. And Will had even suggested that the Daughters little glass room at the Farm would be a great turkey blind! Of course, the Daughters man friend told him that would be cheating! Now all you guys out there know what that would be. So he just forgot about that.

One morning while I was having my coffee there was a squirrel that was sitting in the tree waiting for the turkeys to leave so he could have his breakfast. They just kept eating and you could see he was a little impatient. He kept running up and down the limbs just above their head thinking they would leave but they did not! Then I saw the “shock of all shocks”; that squirrel just leaped out and landed on the back of one of the turkeys. Man, those turkeys just exploded. There was feathers flying everywhere and that squirrel ran up that tree and forgot all about his breakfast. Here’s the sad part, I haven’t seen the squirrel since that incident. The Hubby was really tickled; you see he is a turkey fan!

One afternoon Will came over to show the Hubby all his duck calls; just in case you forgot Will is 11 years old. But to hear those two talk you would think they were experienced “BIG GAME HUNTERS AND FISHERMEN”. Since FISHING is my specialty, I really zoned in on this. Just thought I needed to know something besides fishing. He had a neat leather “necklace” around his neck and when I called it a “necklace”, he let me know right away guys don’t wear necklaces. It had six cute little things hanging from it and I told him that is why I thought it was a necklace. Then once again He let me know they were duck calls! He informed me that he used them to call in the ducks when he was duck hunting! I thought to myself that was as bad as him sitting in the little glass room shooting turkeys. But what do I know? After my poor ears recovered from the “artificial squawking”, I asked him just how many ducks he had caught with those “cute little things”. Once again, I got that LOOK! You know the one your hubby gives you when you say something stupid. The Hubby let me know you don’t CATCH DUCKS!

Of course, he and the Hubby had to swap some “duck tales” before he went home. I felt like I was back at Wayne’s Place hearing all the “fish tales” that fly around there every morning. You know it’s really funny, I don’t ever hear anyone bragging about “catching ducks”! Maybe I can start a different conversation; especially if I walk in there with one of those cute necklaces on!

I certainly have been missing the lake. I have all my friends putting pictures on Face Book so I won’t get home sick. The other day I saw that you all had a “Blue Moon” one night and before we left I saw what I call a “Blood Red Moon”. Don’t know what they really means but I will look that up when I absolutely have nothing to do; which is NEVER.

You know the Hubby is really loving just doing nothing. We are going to think about coming back up that way soon. You know retirement is great. That is the time in your life you can just wander around and see all your kin folks and enjoy life. You know the older you get the smarter you get!

It’s that time for me to remind you to enjoy every moment because that is all we have and to give your hubby or a dear friend a hug; everybody needs a hug every now and then. Bye now.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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