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Another week has gone, as well as another month. Does the days just seem to fly by for you? It sure does to me. Time waits for no one. So the answer to this is make preparations for eternity. It will come.

Thursday, WKU retired professor Dr. Lynwood Montell of Bowling Green came down and we did our get-out and ride around. There are still a lot of roads we haven’t been on. We were in Logan and Todd Counties, ended up at the Ranger Grill and had a good lunch, then home. We’ve been doing this since the 1990’s, so we have been quite a few miles, and enjoy the trips much.

Friday night bringing my supper were Kim and Johnny Richardson. Then they ate with Grace and David and Stacey Jernigan. The girls also ate with Judy and Lannie Jernigan.

If you ever need an answer to a question, put it in your column, I guarantee someone will know the answer and tell you. This is what happen last week when I asked about the whomevers who an the blacksmith shop at Spa years ago. Bless Danny Coursey, he knew it was the late Henry Eddings and the late Billy Williams. Thanks Danny, we really appreciate you knowing.

Bro. Kinnith Morris of Hopkinsville and his sister Martine Brown spent the weekend in Missouri visiting their brother Bob and wife Kay. Bob is in the nursing facility there. Hope he is maybe feeling better.

Enjoyed breakfast Saturday morning with Virginia Hart were her sons Jerry Hart and Ronnie Hart of Greenville. They always have a good time.

Lois Earl Brown at church told em this morning that Carrie Belcher of Lexington is not feeling as well and is back on treatments. Hope she soon feels better.

Evelyn Skipworth has been in the local hospital and hopefully feeling better.

Filling the pulpit at Elk Lick this morning was Bro. Steven Pendley and wife of the Springfield area. It was good to have them.

See ya next time around.

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

Spa News

Spa News

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