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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello again from Peach Blossom Hall in the grand town of Russellville, Kentucky. A place I call home and love. I wish everyone had the opportunity to enjoy this great place.

With the weather much improved over the last few days I have been out and doing things. As long as it is not too cold I am a go go go person and want to see and do things. If the weather goes cold I am staying in.

The Presidential Inauguration is upon us and this will be my first time to miss in over 40 years. I usually fly up to Washington and stay in one of the hotels near the White House. As a younger individual I use to walk in the Presidential Parade and that was so exciting. Later, I rode in the parades and the last couple of times I have set inside in one of the US Senators’ meeting rooms and watched it all on a big screen TV with food and refreshment. I have attended eight inauguration dances and enjoyed every one of them. This year I will enjoy just being at home and watching it all on TV. (I sure will save a lot of money!) Oh, I will miss it all but then let the younger folk have their fun!

Thank you for the calls and four notes I have received regarding my 2016 predictions. It was the first time, since writing predictions of Logan County, that I had adventured much beyond just this county. Well I am going to jump in with national and international predictions again. Last night was an active night of sleeping and seeing things for the future.

Here are my predictions for 2017:

1) The Presidential Inauguration will not go as smoothly as hoped. There will be several disruptions during the day including the parade, speaking time and afterwards. There will be a record number of no shows from the congressmen and particularly among the black congressmen and their families. Look for several more entertainers to cancel out or turn down invitations.

2) Look for a record number of protesters to come to Washington after the Inauguration to protest their feelings to the new administration that will then be in power. President Trump will not be a nice gentleman to them!

3) Two of President Trump’s nominees for cabinet posts are going to run into additional trouble. They will have some strong opposition to their nominations and might even withdraw their names from consideration.

4) There is going to be a bombing either in New York or Washington DC regarding Trump and his administration. People will be hurt!

5) Trump’s forces in congress will continue to attempt to roll back “Obama Care” at a very fast rate. Millions of people will face being dropped from the insurance roles and will be hurt. There will be much finger pointing with some new legislation but not enough!

6) Trump will continue to upset several world leaders in the western alliance. Several friendly nations will threaten to start new alliances without the USA included.

7) Obama will continue as a popular world leader and will continue an active role in the National Democratic Party for some time into the future.

8) Hilary Clinton will have some health problems but will emerge back on the political stage. She will strongly consider running for another office so as to continue as a political force.

9) The Democrats will reorganize on the national level and start a strong effort to take back more state legislatures and gain more seats in the congress in two years.

10) There is a 50% or more chance that this country will enter into a short term recession by the end of the year. President Trump should be careful or he could cause this to happen!

Well that is it for 2017! I may add two more predictions but want to sleep on it a few more nights.

Best to each of you in 2017! Till the next time good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News email [email protected]

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News email [email protected]

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