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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello again to my many friends and readers. Sorry I have been a little late with the outcome of my 2016 predictions. Since I was hospitalized three times since mid July, my column has been absent a good many times. I am sorry for this. My rare type leukemia remains in a strong remission and for that I am very thankful. Hopefully my column will now run more regularly.

Just in case you are a new reader I will tell you that I come from a family that has been known for having seers, predictors and tellers of the future for some seven to ten generations or more. (We can track back individual relatives that had the “gift” for some eight generations. One rule we have all had is that we never accept money for any predictions we make.

I started making my early predictions when I was in elementary and junior high school. My mother had the “gift” as we call it, but she never wanted anyone to know. Her mother, Gertrude Lannom Mayfield, was well know as a “seer”. On Sundays, after a big dinner with 15 to 20 family members, people would start dropping by my grandparents to seek out my grandmothers’ predictions.

I remember on one occasion an older couple in their 50’s, I was a pre-teen and they were old to me, stopped by and brought my grandparents some fresh fruit off of one of their peach trees. Everyone was seated in my grand parent’s big living room parlor. I remember it was the first time I had ever seen a halo around a woman’s head. I was sitting next to my grandmother and I whispered to her asking about the halo. My grand mother whispered that she also saw the halo and that the woman was expecting a baby. “Ma” Mayfield then called on me to make my first public prediction. When I did, most everyone was in shock. My grand mother confirmed that she also saw the halo and made the same prediction. Six months later the neighbors had their first and only child which is now a man who is in his late sixties.

Several years later, a famous lady named Dorothy Dix contacted my parents about me. Mrs. Dix was probably one of America’s most famous seers and she had a nationwide radio show and news column read nationwide. She wanted me to come north and be on her show. My parents said a big NO! Mrs. Dix did not give up easily and the next thing we knew she was in Nashville and I did appear on her show. (No pay!) I think I made five predictions and they all came true. After that the barn door was open and calls came from every where. My mother put a quick stop to any other appearances.

I remember when Elvis Presley came on the public scene. There was a newspaper picture of Elvis and his mother in the Nashville Tennessean Newspaper. I took one look and then told my mom and called my grand mother. My grand mother had also seen the news paper picture and she confirmed my worse thoughts! After that I would never predict a death again even though I was asked to on many occasions.

Several years later, when I was in college, I was invited to go to a party at Elvis’s home in Memphis. (I went with Audrey Williams, the widow of Hank Williams the singing star, and a friend of Elvis. Elvis was a no show for much of the party but then he came in and had a talk with Audrey Williams. He came over and sat down next to me and brought up his mom. Some how he had heard about my prediction about his mom and wanted to know if it was true? I confirmed what he asked me. Elvis was very nice to me and gave me several gifts. He told me I was always welcomed back and when I showed him a picture of my mom he cried. My mother and his looked very much alike, almost like sisters. (I never predicted or told of another pending death from that time.)

I suppose I should add that my grand parents were friends with Edgar Casey and his wife. They visited back and forth on several occasions. Edgar Casey was probably the most famous seer in American history. On several occasions Mr. Casey would call my grand parent’s home and consult with “Ma” Mayfield. Grand mother would never tell what they had talked about.

I think my grand mother had sessions and made predictions till shortly before her death a few days short of age 100. She is buried in Smyrna, Tennessee and I understand people still come and visit her grave and make prayers for her.

As for my 2016 predictions – here we go:

1) Hilary Clinton will be the ultimate Democratic nominee for President. She will consider the current Vice President, Joe Biden, as her running mate but will probably select a younger person.

a) Hilary Clinton did win a hard fought fight for the nomination. She did strongly consider Biden as her running mate. She finally choose a nearly 15 years younger candidate as her running mate.

2) Donald Trump will be the Republican nominee for President. As for his running mate he will consider two of the current candidates running against him for the nomination. In the end he might strongly consider a woman as his running mate. (He did all of the above.)

a) People could not believe that I predicted Trump to win the nomination. Well, he did! He did strongly consider two of those who challenged for the nomination as his running mate. He did look closely at three different women as possibly running mates with him. (Right on all accounts.).

3) Many prominent Republicans, including several current candidates for the Republican nomination will not support Trump.

a) This turned out to be very true. Bush,Sr.did not endorse. The Republican nominee for President four years before, Romney, did not endorse and on and on. A good number of past and present Republican leaders did not endorse Trump. (I hit the nail on this one!)

4) In an extremely close race Hilary Clinton will win the presidency. Wow!!!!

a) Even though Hilary received 2,600,000 more votes nationwide than Trump he won the election with a unique American thing called the Electoral College. Look for the Democrats to push to do away with that antique American political custom.

5) The Republicans will retain both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate.

a) News predictions were strong that the Democrats would pick up 20 or more seats in the US House of Representatives and winning a majority in the Senate. Neither happened The Republicans won it all to their surprise! This means they will name the open seat on the US Supreme Court and any vacancies on the Court in the next several years.

6) Oil prices will remain low for much if not all of the year.

a) Prices did remain low, around $2 per gallon, in Kentucky for all the year. This was great for our economy.

7) The US employment will increase but the economy will falter.

a) The US employment did increase nation and statewide. For eight years, the longest consecutive period of time since World War II has remained strong. Still in the minds of the voters there is a fear of the economy faltering and with employment such as traditional manufacturing and mining there has been a significant drop in jobs.

8) The national debt will continue until the next President is elected.

a) Even with repeated efforts to cut the debt it in fact continued to soar. It is too early to see what Trump and his Republican Congress. will do.

9) Terrorism will increase worldwide including in the USA.

a) Wish I had been wrong! For the first time there were terrorist acts on every continent. There were increased acts of terrorism all over Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and the USA. Even Australia saw several acts of domestic and foreign terrorism.

10) More US troops will be sent to the Middle East. The President will take his generals advice and set up a no fly zone in Northern Syria.

a) More US troops in the guise of advisors have been sent all over the Middle East including Iraq and Syria. The no fly zone was set up in part of Iraq but has not been set up in Syria. The window of opportunity has now past and as long as Trump and Putin of Russia remain pals it will not happen.

11) There will be major assassination attempts against two world leaders. One or both will be successful. I see one of these wearing an Arab head dress.

a) There were at least five attempts against world and government leaders this past year. Several were successful. Recently we all saw on the news were the Russian Ambassador to Turkey was shot and killed. There were also attempts on the life of the French Prime Minister and six other world leaders.

12) Logan County unemployment rate will remain low and more jobs will be available even with a national slowdown. My one local prediction this year.

a) Logan County unemployment is at an all time low. I truly believe that it is very important for a county to have a full time office that works on maintaining the jobs we have and seeking new jobs all the time. We do have an office in Logan County and the director and his assistant do their jobs well! New companies and much needed jobs continue to come to our county. A pro business attitude has helped our county and workers greatly!

Notice: The News-Democrat office building on the Russellville Square is for sale. The selling price is around $250,000. The paper will be moving to smaller and more modern quarters. The building is a real part of the city and county history. Here is your chance!

It is nearly three in the morning and definitely my bed time. Now my copy goes by computer to the editor and hopefully we will read it in Fridays paper.

Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News email [email protected]

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News email [email protected]

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