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Have you people noticed that I love Christmas! My holiday spirit began long before Christmas. At Thanksgiving, the Daughter and I go Christmas shopping on “Black Friday”! For years we got up early and “SHOPPED TILL WE DROPPED”. This year we slept late, shopped, then ate lunch together and remember all the good times. As we were shopping, the Daughter `purchased a cute little jumper that looked just like an elf’s dress. It was so cute.

So on the way home back to the lake, the Hubby mentioned he would like to send his daughter one. She works in a school and he just knew she would love it. Well, as we were coming into Russellville I remembered that I saw one at Walmart. So we stopped and purchased two. After dinner I put on MY Mrs. Santa dress and proceeded to surprise the Hubby. People I have had so much fun with that dress.

I wore it to the ladies group that I attend the next day in Russellville. Then to our UK “basketball watching” group and one person said it really gave her the Christmas Spirit. We left at the half and cruised on over to the “Lake Malone group” that were eating chili and finished up the evening watching UK beat North Carolina. You know old TG is not going to miss a UK game. Mrs. Claus gave out stocking caps that had anchors on them, so if you see one in the spring, you’ll know that they are truly enjoying the moment.

On Saturday, I dropped in at Wayne’s place and sat on Santa’s lap. You got it! I blew his shock off! He asked me to stay and of course I did. The children came in with “stars in their eyes” looking at this “big guy in a Santa Suit” as if he was Super Man. It made me think back when I was a child. The sad part was that it had been so long ago. I think the Mothers and Fathers had just as much fun as I did watching them “glow”.

I will tell you that I nearly melted in my Mrs. Claus dress because it was 70 degrees. Mother Nature spoiled it all and tried to give us a “white Christmas week” but it only got to the “ice” stage and everything on the lake was absolutely beautiful covered with ice. But guess what, my neighbor called to see if I was still feeding the ducks. Of course I told her, “You better believe it”! I forgot and left their Tupperware container out on the swing and it had so much ice, I had to slap it on the ground to get the top broken open. After they waddled down the drive, I watched those three birds simply glide out over the water. My “backside” felt the cold as they paddled out in that water as if it was spring.

Christmas week is for “enjoying your family and friends”. I had the pleasure of having fun at Dick Dickerson’s annual Christmas party. If you see a lady in Spa walking around with a crazy snow ball flipping around on a wire on her head, you will know where she got it. She promised she was going to wear it all during the holidays.

Must remind you once again to enjoy every moment of this Christmas season. Love you all. Bye now

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

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