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By Dick Dickerson - Logan County News

Hello my friends from Logan County and beyond. I have been a bit under the weather since July 19 and in three different hospitals but seem to be well on my way to recovery. I have lost 110 lbs of weight and feeling much much better. Hopefully I will loose about 40 more lbs. Then I will be back to my old college days weight when I was at my best football playing size. The holidays are a big temptation and I am having to fight back on not eating so much for the next few weeks.

This past Tuesday I had two Christmas eating events and another of Wednesday. I can not keep up with many more of these. or I will have to get larger clothes. So far I have gone down 10 pants sizes and multiple shirt sizes as well. Hopefully I will add several years on to my lifetime.

I have been painting the rooms inside my home Peach Blossom in Russellvelle. I have also been re-hanging pictures, paintings and the like on the walls. I have a new guitar that was a gift from a Nashville Kennel Club recently. The guitar has the signatures of more than 20 stars of the Grand Ole Opry. It is going on display in my office.

The Tennessee State Flea Market is this weekend at the Tennessee State Fairgrounds in Nashville. It will be held this Friday, Saturday and Sunday. I plan to cook Pecans, English Walnuts and a couple of other varieties of nuts for the public. I usually always sell out and hope to do so this weekend. If you get a chance come down and look the place over. It is one of the top ten flea markets in America. with up to three thousand vendors, thirteen buildings and vendor booths all over the property on the outside. I see a lot of Logan County folks each month that I attend. The new mayor of Nashville has turned out to be a big supporter of the fairgrounds and has now started planning and funding a great renovation and expansion of the fairgrounds.

My annual Peach Blossom Open House will be Sunday afternoon December 17 from 1 to 4 p.m. The entry fee will only be a $5 donation and all donations will go to the Logan County Sheriff’s Patrol Fund. Twelve of the historic rooms will be on exhibit. The front eight rooms opened in 1830 and the back four rooms opened in 1860 will be opened to the public. The historic furniture some of which dates back to the 1750s will be on exhibit. Some of the Egyptian collection will be on exhibit as will the movie star signatures. 15 rare oriental rugs, from the middle east will be on display as will a number of antique clocks from around the world..

More on the open house in next Friday’s issue of this paper.

Till then it is time to go. Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are.


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email [email protected]

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email [email protected]

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