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By Tulip Green - Lake Malone News

Let me start by saying I am sure all you women out there have something in your house that you wish would disappear! Of course since the Hubby is the most important thing in my house; he has LOTS OF THINGS that would not make me mad if one morning I woke up and they were gone!

Ladies, I bet you don’t have a big white SNOW GOOSE sitting in your bedroom looking at you every morning when you get up. I will give you a clue, I don’t either because I won’t sleep in there. There is just not room for ME and that goose in the same room! But for some reason, that bird just won’t fly away. I have tried several times to make that bird disappear but he keeps coming back.

People, miracles happen! The Daughter hasn’t come to visit us in a long time so we were very excited to see her; but she brought a friend and his nephew along. She wanted to show them the lake.

Come to find out this young boy and the Hubby talked the same language. HUNTING AND FISHING of course and he entertained us with his hunting and fishing adventures all afternoon. Of course the Hubby was in “HOG HEAVEN”. It’s kinda like when you go to Wayne’s and hear all the “fish tales” that all the men have to talk about. It’s funny you never hear women talk about fishing. I must be the only woman in the world that owns a fishing pole and there is not a woman there who cares what bait I use either. Some time I tell them whether they want to hear it or not.

Well, after a few hours of talking hunting and fishing with this young boy, he took him up to his bedroom and showed him his White Snow Goose! You would have thought that young boy had died and gone to heaven. He wanted to know all about it and of course the Hubby just laid it on him!

As they were leaving the Hubby said, “How would you like to take that Snow Goose home with you? The room was quiet…..I was praying, please say yes. That goose needs to go on a road trip. I told you prayers are answered, the young boy pick up that goose and out the door they went. As they were leaving, he told Mr. Goose that he was going to a new home. Ask me if I was absolutely happy as a lark!

Of course it is now a week later and he decided we needed to just take a little road trip and go see how Mr. Snow Goose is doing. Then he mentioned that he had a few other things that the young boy might like so he gathered up a wooden duck that was made into a telephone and when it rings it “squawks”; for some reason I was never fond of that either. It would always scare me when it squawked. Then his most prize possession, a “bone turkey caller”. I nearly fainted! I just happened to mention that I couldn’t get over him giving all his things away. Then he mentioned he knew this young boy was going to be a “true hunter and fisherman” even if he was just eleven years old. He will take good care of them and also enjoy using them. I agreed, especially that phone that squawks! And I bet his mother just loves that Big White Goose sitting in his bedroom.

Must say BYE NOW again. Hope you people are enjoying the heat that Mother Nature has been giving us and by all means the RAIN. You got it, people you can quit that “rain dancing” just any time. Till next time, I am just wearing myself out just enjoying the moment and I truly hope you are too. Remember that’s all we got!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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