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By Hazel Fleming - Spa News

It is the weekend once again and Saturday was a beautiful day. I am sure the farmers are busy.

Monday found Beverly Whitson in Owensboro with her sis Pam Shouse as she was having knee surgery. Hope she is still doing fine and can soon be into her usual activities.

Mitchell and Heather Johnson and Jenny are home after a week stay in the mountains seeing several shows and sight seeing. On Wednesday night they attended services at 1st Baptist Church where former pastor Bro. Larry Burcham is pastor now. He and his family were okay. Good to hear from them.

One day this week good neighbor Martha Williams brought me some corn. On Friday she came back and brought me some good yellow tomatoes and peaches. She gave me a new perm. It sure looks good and feels so much better. It was so long and not very curly.

Some known August birthdays are the 4th Dale Ethridge, the 5th Zack Cummins, the 6th Charlie Delk, the 15th Margaret Walton, the 17th Elaine Turner (have a good one girl), the 18th Evelyn Dill, the 21st Dr. Abby Singh (she is a good gal), the 29th Jeffrey Borders and the 30th Mallory Whitson. Enjoy these special days. Known anniversaries are Sandra and Ray Sharp on August 22nd.

Sorry Corey Sharp is having some medical problems and is to check in with his Dr. in Bowling Green this week. Hope he gets a good report.

Sherry Harris in Louisville just got back home from her vacation from lots of places overseas somewhere. She had a great trip, but is surely is glad to be back home. She called Saturday.

Sunday was homecoming day in the life of Elk Lick Church. We were glad to see a few visitors and former pastor Bro. Reed and Debbie Buntin, who were here from Nashville. It was good to see and hear him preach once more and to get to talk to them a bit. And special singers of the day were the Sneed Family from Glasgow, which if you’ve never heard them, you have certainly missed a blessing. They are good. Wish they had singings near here every week, they make good listening.

Question? Is there anyone around here that knows the answer to this question? I was asked this morning and I do not know. Who used to run the black smith shop at Spa? Please if you know let me know.

Stanley and Elaine are back home after getting Tara back to school and work this weekend in Kansas City, Missouri. We of course will miss her.

By Hazel Fleming

Spa News

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

To contact Hazel Fleming about the Spa News, call 270-755-4523.

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