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Hello again to my many friends and acquaintances in Logan County. The day of decision is here. Tuesday is our nationwide election day. We will elect a new President, Vice President, half of our U.S. House of Representatives, a third of our U.S. Senate, many state and local offices and in some states a few other offices. This is a huge election day for America and for the world.

The US Constitution was amended to allow 18 year olds to vote for President after I was already 20 years old so this Presidential Election Day will be my 24th. I am so glad to be here to vote again. Due to my iffy health I was worried that I might not be here. I would love to be here to vote for six more elections and right up to my 100s. I so strongly believe in voting as a true responsibility of all Americans. Even if we do not vote alike I encourage each and every one of you to vote and keep our nation strong.

At the end of 2015 I wrote my predictions for 2016. One of my predictions was that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee for the Democratic Party for President. My next prediction was that there would be a huge list of Republicans running for President and that Donald Trump would come out the ultimate nominee.

Wow did I meet with heavy disagreement! Well, folks, here we are. My final prediction on the topic was that Hillary would be the ultimate victor. Tonight, we will know the answer to that prediction.

The big question I am looking at is will the Democrats gain a majority in the US Senate so President Clinton can name the Supreme Court Vacancies that come due? Those chances may have been stopped by the recent FBI Director’s flip flops that should have not occurred. I expect we will hear of his resignation by the first of the year.

My friend State Representative Martha Jane King is in a tough run for reelection. She is being challenged by a nice man. So far I have received 12 of those fancy oversized color campaign post cards from her challenger at a price of $5,000 plus for each mailing to the public. That’s over $60,000 plus in costs for his mailings. Who is paying those costs? A lot of out of state money I hear.

Martha Jane King is an outstanding standout in the legislature. People like her! Both Democrats and Republicans. She is a strong voice for rural Kentuckians, for farmers, small towns and you and me. I think just about everybody in Kentucky knows and likes Martha Jane King. I hope we see this great lady return to the legislature for many more terms. She could one day be our own governor of the state. I respect and love the lady!

I grew up in two families that have long histories in the making of America. Both families have at least 20 or more individuals that played major roles in the continued efforts to build and strengthen this country. My sixth great grandfather became President John Adams. One of his sons was President John Quincy Adams. One of his daughters was my fifth great grandmother.who married a Dickerson. Another ancestor was Col. Dickerson Commander of the Alamo down in Texas. His wife and child were two of the survivors. Some relatives were state and U.S. Senators and another Vice President named Albert Gore. For nearly 250 years members of my family have fought to preserve our unique democracy here in America. Over those 250 years family members have identified with at least six political parties in America. Please vote and keep our democracy strong.

I met two young Mennonite men this week at a good home cooking restaurant in Russellville.across from the Russellville High School. One was Daran Zook, who is from Russellville, and whoes family builds storage buildings. What a nice young man. He is such a nice person with excellent manners. The other young man was Bryan Maller, from Alburn, who also builds storage buildings. Another well mannered and nice person. They both are members of Plainview Mennonite Church. Two good future husbands for some nice young ladies at the Plainview Church. Also a big “well done” to the parents for such well mannered young gentlemen.

All for now. Hope to see many of you at the election polls. Both Democrats, Republicans and Independents. Don’t forget the Democratic Party at my house starting at 7 p.m.

Good night Mrs. Calabash where ever you are!


By Dick Dickerson

Logan County News

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email [email protected]

To contact Dick Dickerson about the Logan County News, call 615-389-5495 or email [email protected]

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