Blessed and content

By Evelyn Richardson - Here and There

It’s good to get the drying flowers cut off and raked from the bed beside the house. The clean, neat look is pleasing to the eye. At the end of winter, it is invigorating to dig in that same dirt, plant seeds and watch stalks and leaves grow tall to fill the space.

How exciting it is near springtime to unbox the hummingbird feeder and fill it with sweet water. I hurry, because humming wings keep making passes in search of the feeding source remembered from last year.

I’m admittedly glad to discontinue the chore of brushing the bottle with bleach to remove mildew and be freed from mopping the kitchen floor where I spill sticky drops on the way outside.

I look forward to bedtime. As eyelids droop, I methodically run through the bedtime chores of adjusting the thermostat, turning on night lights and being sure the alarm is set. Snuggling under the covers is so comforting.

Morning is here! I roll out of bed re-energized, eager to get started on those projects that didn’t get done the day before.

It’s fun to leave home to visit a nearby friend, shop for a just-right birthday card for the grandchild or take an extended trip to the city or mountains. There is always something unknown and exciting out there waiting to cross my path.

Oh, how good it is to see home come into view when I return. No place like it in all the world. I can hardly wait to open the door.

Finally getting the opportunity to read a certain book I’ve been anticipating is a pleasure. Turning the pages is like opening gift after gift. I want to finish the book and put it away so I can do other things. It is a relief to close the book cover, no matter how good the contents were.

What does all this say about me? Indecisive? Wishy-washy? Weak of character and commitment? Strange attitude? Blessed. Content.

By Evelyn Richardson

Here and There

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