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Hazel Fleming

A most beautiful day for the parade last Saturday. I hear there sure was a large crowd., I sure am glad I was not there in all the to-do. I used to love every minute of it. Now I’m too old and already worn out.

Our sympathy to the remaining family of Dorothy Logsdon.

Stanley and Elaine got home Friday afternoon from the mountains. They left here Monday. The weather was beautiful and they really enjoyed the trip.

The church fed us older people of the church Friday night and it was good.

WKU retired professor Dr. Lynwood Montell was here Thursday, so you know we went riding. Don’t know where all we went. We went down 106 east, got on 3201 and all at once I said, uh oh, we just passed this same place awhile ago. So on we went and in a little bit I said uh oh, we just passed this place again. To be honest we did. We finally got straightened out and continued our trip. Usually we end up having to back up to get turned around, but we didn’t this trip.

Sherry Harris of Louisville drove down Saturday morning. We met Sue and James Fuller and Louise Henderson at Shady Cliff and had a most delicious lunch.

Saturday night, Sherry went with Sue and James to church at Glory Bound and had supper and a hayride. It was so cold they soon came back home. Sherry left my house Sunday morning at 5 a.m. to get home in time for church. She is the church pianist.

Sunday night at Elk Lick were the Stewart family. Some of them said they were from Clarksville as it was a family group. I’m sure they were probably all from that area. The first group to sing was 4 girls with a man at the piano. I told the girls they did good.

Our sincere sympathy to the family of Jeff White. He was one that could make the piano just talk. He was such a talented young man. He always knew you, spoke, and was a great hugger. I know the family is devastated. He is gonna be missed so much by so many people. God bless.

Take care and remember, God does love you. See ya next time.

Hazel Fleming

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