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About this time every year the Hubby turns into a different person. He goes into “Winter Mode!” He got up this morning and said, IT’S TIME TO TAKE THE PONTOON OUT OF THE LAKE! Man that made my day.

For all you ladies that do not live on the lake, you have not lived until you help your hubby take a boat out of the lake.

First you have to find the key that fits the lock that he used to secure the trailer to the tree in your yard. After trying every key he could find, I remembered that I put two in the house. Yep, that really went over big, they were the ones he needed. Not a good start to a happy day.

After telling him he must take the Bimini down so the tree wouldn’t jerk it off, he continued to try and put the boat on the trailer. Of course I had my annual instructions and was patiently waiting for him to just “slide that boat right on the trailer!” Wrong, a fishing boat went by and messed up his entrance. Then on the second attempt, the wind started blowing and the back end twisted the back too far to the right. The third try wasn’t too much better, the front end entered pretty good and then the rear swung around and it stuck cross wise on one of the runners. After much prying with a long pole, the boat finally sipped right up on the trailer. But I cranked it up too much and we went through too much discussion about that and it was not pretty! Finally that boat came up out of the water and I said, Dear Lord thank you for this miracle! You know they are still happening, especially in my life. The miracle was not the boat coming out of the water, it was me not “KILLING” the Hubby during this procedure that we go through every year. Man, people are so happy to put that boat in the lake each spring and believe me you hate that boat when it’s time to take it out. I guess that is what they mean when you hear someone saying a “love/hate relationship!”

The most wonderful feeling you have is seeing that boat sitting on the trailer with the cover completely snapped down! Of course this is after you climb up on the boat and try to install it backwards. Ask me if I didn’t take a black marker and print FRONT on the underside of the cover.

Once again, “that’s all folks.” We are still in the fall/winter mode and the annual event of “RAKING LEAVES” is about to start! You see I don’t care what season you go through, I always enjoy every minute! Till next time, Bye now!

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