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Well, I rose this Sunday morning thinking it would be SUMMER again. I thought Mother Nature would hear my prayers and do away with fall and winter all together. As the Hubby said, you would have to move SOUTH! But of course I had to argue and said, this is south. As always he was right…..he said I need to go FURTHER south. So I guess I will have to be satisfied with what I got and I am afraid you people will have to do the same. It won’t keep me from “Thinking …SPRING”!

On my walk the other day, I past by a house that had visitors from Texas. Of course I had to stop to talk to them. She said she loved the trees and grass and of course I ask a dumb question, “Don’t you have those in Texas?” She replied, all we have is flat dry grass, you know it doesn’t rain very much in Texas. You must have nice rolling hills with green leaves don’t you? Her only reply was, I WISH!

As I was telling the Hubby, he had to remind me that I was never satisfied with what I have at the moment and this morning as I write this column I remembered that and thought, HE WAS RIGHT! I had to admit it but I am goings to start enjoying the moment or practicing what I preach…like enjoying the moment. He went on to say I have great health and a wonderful Hubby, really what else do you need? I was speechless, so as always I agreed with him. Of course I could have told him a new dress, pair of shoes to match and a new hair style. I really don’t think that would have gone over so well. So I just let that drop for the time being

Yesterday the poor fishermen were bundled up so much that one pair of guys looked like Santa Claus. There cute little life preservers would hardly reach around them. They look like a “puffed up Teddy Bears”. You know I had to go out and ask if they had caught any fish…NO was the answer. I thought to myself, they must not have too much to do if they will sit in that boat holding a pole so puffed up they could hardly move. Don’t know how they could get their fish off the line if they caught one.

Then my neighbor went out and sat in their boat to have some time with their visiting friends. I shouted out the door, “Are you people waiting on the bus?” We all laughed and said a few words about the weather. Just like me, they planned to have fun on the lake with their company. But every other minute it would just pour down…..BIG DROPS! That’s lake weather for you.

Must give you a duck report. I do think there are some other people feeding the ducks. I am so glad because you know I leave to spend time with the Daughter in the winter. Let’s face it, I can’t stand being cooped up in the house all alone with the Hubby all winter! Also we have some friends that always want us to visit but I have learned when it is time to leave. The Hubby says, “three days is enough” for anybody to visit. As soon as our company arrives, he manages to tell them this information. That’s when I nearly die.

I noticed that my ducks look different this fall. One green head looks like somebody tried to “ring his neck”. His fathers are sticking straight out all around his neck. But Daisy Duck looks great. They have a race every time they come out of the water to see who will get to the cheerios first. She always wins. Women always seem to find food first!

I am so excited about the Tobacco Festival. I see they are calling it by another name. I just can’t hardly handle people changes the names of events that I have known for years. There are a few other things they are changing but won’t go there. A friend told me I should notify the committee that plans the festival for next year. They need to have a “boat parade” on Lake Malone with prizes for the winners. Of course the boats would have to have fall decorations. I think that is a great idea. You know we are just forgotten some time down here at the lake.

Well, as Donald Duck said in the movies, “THAT’S ALL FOLKS”! Hang in there spring is on the way. You know I’ve got to say it, enjoy the moment. Bye now.

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email [email protected]

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