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Well you guys out there is newspaper land it finally happened! I was just holding my breath because old TG really hates to learn new things. Especially in the age we live in. MY OLD COMPUTER DIED! I went shopping and told the sales person I just wanted a plain old computer so I could write a column for the newspaper. I could not believe they had so many. They had them every size and color and believe me they would do everything but sing to you. Some do play music. It is getting to the point where computers think for you. Before I can write a word, the computer has put another word in the sentence that it thinks I need….even if it is not the word I want. So if you have an old computer, you better take good care of it because you will spend many sleepless nights trying to figure out what to do with your new one.

I had a dear friend help me set it up. That was great but then he left town and now I am asking everyone I see if they know how to do a certain thing. People are beginning to run from me when they see me coming with my little new computer. You see it is really cute, just a darling color and it also has a beautiful colorful screen but I CAN’T SEEM TO GET IT TO DO A DARN THING! Of course the paper would not print what I really think!

So I turned to my trusty IPhone and checked out Amazon and they had two wonderful books. You know the ones have DUMMIES written in the title. I told them to send them quick. One is Windows 8.1 and Word 2013 both for DUMMIES. Aren’t they cute little names? My little computer has four window panes on the screen just to help out people like me BUT THEY DON’T HELP A BIT.

I must tell you a little story. I fooled with that “cute little toy” until I was completely worn out. So I thought I would just sit out in my glass room and look for my favorite ducks. By the way since my white ducks took up residence up by Shady Cliff, I adopted some wood ducks and they come by every afternoon for Cheerios! But that isn’t getting this story told. Of course I fell asleep and when I woke up there sitting outside my door was my wonderful computer books in a big AMAZON box! I was jumping for joy and of course the Hubby had to spoil it all by says, “Woman, it’s only a box”, what is all the shouting about!

I finally read enough to get my first column written and finally got it e-mailed to Mr. OJ at the paper but when it was time to send it to my friends in “faraway places” their addresses were not there. So I started again having a fit and at this moment am telling you all about it. You see I read enough to find out that my contact e-mail addresses are gone. You are supposed to pull them down out of the “CLOUD” where ever that is and my computer says I don’t have them in the cloud. Of course the Hubby was great help….he said just look them up in the telephone book!! Man, is he behind the times or what?

So for all you computer experts out there, if you can give me your “two cents” worth on my situation, I would really appreciate. My e-mail is tulipgreen50@gmailcom. I can receive e-mails but not send them….only to Mr. OJ. He is going to get tired of me writing him.

As always, I am trying really hard to enjoy the moment but this new computer is getting on my last nerve. Until I hear from one of you computer people out there, I will just say Bye now!

By Tulip Green

Lake Malone News

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

To contact Tulip Green about the Lake Malone news, email

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