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When you thought you had seen everything there was to see, you see something even worse. I am sure you realize we have been having those cute little drops fall from the sky again. I will call them that because they won’t print what I think about the RAIN! But Mother Nature has really out done herself this time.

The Hubby and I were sitting in my little glass room and all of a sudden I saw this “BIG BLACK CLOUD” creep ever so slowly over the hill toward our house.

I told the Hubby that something bad was going to happen and you know what his reply was, Woman it ain’t gonna happen! Well, before you know it the limbs were bending right towards our glass room. The “Mother Tree” look like she was trying to control her limbs but they were flopping so hard I thought if she lost one we were in trouble.

I happen to pull my eyes away from this trauma that was about to happen and there in the middle of the lake was two “FISHERMEN”. I know they had to be men because women would not get out in a boat when a storm was coming. Women would have checked the weather report. People it was raining so hard that I could hardly see the boat much less the people in it. They just kept standing there “fishing away”. They didn’t look like they even knew it was raining. All I could think about was, if they fell off that boat, we will have to try and save them. I had just been to the beauty shop and I certainly did not want to get my hair wet.

Well, finally one man got out a rain coat and proceeded to put it on. But you guessed it the other one just stood there braced against the wind. Now there is a real fisherman or he is a “little off in the head”! I did note that the man was putting on a “yellow and brown” rain coat. So man, if you are reading this article and I see you pull that rain coat on in front of my house again, I am going to tell your wife to not only ground you but take away your fishing pole!

There is a happy ending to this story. By the time they got to my dock, the rain had slowed down and they went merrily on their way!

Of course, I had all the damage. That bad wind blew a cute little sign off my house, knocked over two Scott Waste garbage cans and spilled garbage all over my yard and I had to go pick it up. Blew chairs and floats all around my deck and the worse thing that happened…..IT SCARED ME TO DEATH!

Of course after all was over the Hubby said, “See I told you everything was going to be alright”. They won’t print what my reply was!

So till next time, pray for sunshine and enjoy every moment, fall and winter are on the way. Bye now.

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